Whitney Wolfe and Becoming Queen Bee

Whitney Wolfe, the founder and CEO of Bumble has more than an amazing story to tell about her life and business. Her goal to help women feel empowered has been achieved, making her desire to help women date better come to fruition. What makes her journey amazing is that she took a tool society was already using, and turned it into an even better opportunity by developing it into an application. With the information age being flipped on its head, Whitney Wolfe took the cue to jump into Bumble full force, turning it into a gold mine all her own.

It’s rare that a female executive comes along, taking tech to new heights. Whitney Wolfe has changed all that with her move to creating Bumble. As her second startup, she is excelling quickly going from VP of marketing to founder and CEO. Promoting her vision of female empowerment is a big part of this move with Bumble. The key with Bumble is not just another dating app, but rather that this app is making meeting people more efficient. Her female-centric approach is catching on quickly, and in addition to meeting romantic partners, she has it all set up for people to meet business contacts as well.

This ingenious approach to her “dating app” has been turned into more than a dating app. Bumble Biz, the portion of the app that allows you to make business connections is taking off just as much as it did for dating. Bumble BFF, another arm of this app, is helping women get connected as friends too. This app has put Whitney Wolfe on the map, and the interest in the tech world and with the consumer is taking off fast. Long-term, she wants Bumble to be more than a dating app for the future. What this is going to entail isn’t clear just yet. For now, Whitney Wolfe is being watched and it’s for good reason!

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