Wengie Shows Her Audience How To Jazz Up Their School Supplies

Wengie is an Australian beauty and lifestyle vlogger that has millions of followers on Youtube. She posts videos weekly that cover a variety of topics. Some of her favorite videos involve either tutorials or life hacks. Most of her viewers have seemed to gravitate to the clever hacks that Wengie produces. She has ideas that are both fun and easy. Her entertaining videos grab the audience’s attention. She uses her creativity and wit to make videos that her fans just can’t seem to get enough of.


In one of her recent videos, she shows her viewer how to make DIY school supplies using common and easy to get products. One of her most popular and easy hacks is using colorful tape to decorate her binder tabs. You simply tear a piece of tape to fit completely over the plastic divider tab. You can then write on it and when you need to change it you simply remove the tape and repeat the process. She also shows her audience how to get a rainbow or ombre effect on their highlighters by letting another darker color saturate the tip of the marker. You can do either two or three colors. She also covers her folder in chalkboard paint so that she can write whatever she wants on them. If she wants to erase all she has to do is wipe clean and let dry. Wengie also shows her viewers how to use glue to coat the inside of a clear pen and then add glitter to jazz them up.


Wengie has many great ideas and she is always coming out with more weekly. She also has a rather impressive Instagram following as well. If you like DIY and tutorials, then you should really check out her videos if you haven’t had a chance to do so yet.