Trabuco The Ancient War Machine

Trabuco was the most powerful machine, in that it was used to throw a mass of up to 140 kg at high speed for over 800 meters’ displacement throwing objects to the opponents’ ramparts and their boundaries. It was an improvement of a catapult. It was more accurate as compared to other ancient weapons. It was like a revolver of the current times.

It was first constructed in China and put into practice by Chinese to fight their enemies during biological warfare in 400BC according to Soldiers use the device to hurl projectiles of deceased to spread contagious diseases to the place under attack. It was mainly use to blow and destroy opponents’ walls and even through fireworks to the opponents’ boundary by the use of a big arm which was attached to the bottom of the machine. The first design was called tensile Trabuco which characterized by the heavyweight, and it required 250 people to move it.


Trabuco was a machine used by various kingdoms as a protective device in Middle Age Period. They used this device to conquer other weaker kingdom and rule them. The opponents used ramparts to protect themselves in wars. At this point, Trabuco was a well-known machine for mass destructions in the opponent region. It was a powerful machine that was used to destroy the opponents’ entire environment. It was exploited by soldiers to target and send missiles of weight over 140 kilograms. The soldiers hurled the projectiles at their preferred speed towards their chosen enemy. For massive destruction, Trabuco was hurled at the maximum speed.

Trabuco was set in a design that it converts and transfer latent energy in the counterbalance of the force side where the knob is situated. Latent energy is transformed into energy in motion. The energy in motion then starts and drives the projectiles to the chosen aim. Trabuco was not very efficient as much as of potential energy went wasted during hurling missiles and some remained in the Trabuco. Trabuco functions under the rule that the weight of the projectile is directly proportional to the speed of the missiles.

In Europe, this device was also used for massive destruction in wars. It was first used by Vikings who afterward took to Germany through the North. The Vikings used Trabuco to attack Paris, France according to In 863, Nordic people used the device to attack Anger. Richard the Lionheart built two huge Trabuco that were used in 1191 during Acre attack. Europeans used Trabuco to destroy people who opposed Christian Movement.

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