Todd Lubar : The Senior Vice President of Your Mortgage Company of Choice

How many of you have gone to the banks with a request for mortgage and was denied? If you have, I hope you did not give up on the dream of being a homeowner. The truth is that, there are actually a number of companies that would be interested in seeing you have a home of your own. They give you the financial assistance that you need when all other lenders fail. And, this is exactly what Todd Lubar does through his companies.


Todd Lubar owns Legendary Financial which advances financial assistance to people who would like to purchase or renovate their homes. The company is an affiliate of his Legendary Corporation, LLC which opened its doors in the year 2002. When the company started, they would help clients sell or buy residential properties. With time and an endless list of contacts that Lubar had made during his time working for various companies, the company expanded to have a financial branch that would lend money to home buyers. Todd Lubar serves as the Senior Vice President of Legendary. He is involved in making the critical decisions that go when a loan is being advanced. With his firm, he has been able to help thousands of people purchase residential properties and continues to build solid contacts till to date. Other than actively helping his company thrive, he is involved in the running of other firms. He serves as the president of TDL Global Ventures.


It is evident that Todd Lubar has been really successful in the real estate business. Through him, it is evident that the real estate business pays. But only if one is willing to commit to it fully and work hard without giving up. When Todd Lubar started out as a loan originator at Crestar Mortgage Corporation, a real estate company, he did not know that real estate was where his passion lay. It was only a few years into the job that he decided that he would invest in this industry. His goals became even clearer when he left the company and was tapped by Legacy Financial Group.