The Force Behind the Unicorns: Doe Deere

You’ve probably already heard of Lime Crime. At the very least, you’ve seen their sparkle-laden products either online or while strolling through the mall. The quirky cosmetics brand is known for their use of fluorescent colors, whether it’s their soft and supple Matte Velvetine line of lipsticks, their Unicorn Hair dyes or their Venus eyeshadow palettes, which are considered a “holy grail” product for many. Well, who’s behind all this pomp and circumstance? It’s none other than the lovely Doe Deere.


Much like her line of cosmetics, her appearance is one of the first things that catches your eye. She is often found sporting vibrant pink hair, a bold lip and thick, full lashes. But there is much more to her than looks, as she also has a bold and imaginative personality that made Lime Crime truly come to life and gain its current cult following. According to Doe, makeup is about more than just the way that you look. Rather, it’s about what feels best and self-expression. With the use of social media, young people are able to express themselves to the fullest and truly embrace what makes them different rather than following the crowd.


Deere was born in Russia but raised in the hustle and bustle of New York City. She started small but over time created a successful company and encourages other women to get into business and entrepreneurship. She also likes to mentor other up-and-coming female entrepreneurs and encourages them to reach out to her on Instagram. When Deere and her team are coming up with a new product it starts with them testing it out themselves and wearing it to make sure that it lives up to the standards of Lime Crime. She is currently very excited about the computer-savvy Generation Z and believes that they will change the future of shopping with the internet. She hopes to continue to innovate and create a quality shopping experience for anyone who loves makeup.


Her Venus line of eyeshadow palettes, which just released the Venus 3, is known for being cool and colorful. The outside of the palette sports a neon Botticelli’s Venus and the colors included on the palettes range from the sultry “muse” to the playful “heavenly” to the grunge-y “marsh.” Doe states that what makes the palette line so popular is its variety and that a single palette can tell a story, rather than just being a random mishmash of color. The latest Venus, the Venus 3, tells a story of purples, lavenders and neutrals, whereas the original Venus emphasized the grunge aesthetic. And this full, rich story is all inside of a single box.


Overall, Doe Deere is passionate, colorful, imaginative and forward-thinking much like her vibrant brand Lime Crime. Her brand continues to create innovative and quirky products that are always at the forefront of the latest online trends in cosmetics. She encourages others to be themselves to the fullest extent much like the unicorns that you see associated with Lime Crime. Learn more: