Shervin Pishevar: The Need for a New Internet

Technology influences most every outcome of modern human transactions. Global markets continue to grow faster than the technology needed to secure digital transactions. The issues are as much theft as inefficiency. This digital technology deficit widened with the advent of the Internet. Much has been invested into modernizing the trading infrastructure of the financial markets. However, the underlying Internet technologies always seem to be playing catch up.

The current Internet developed for the exchange of information. While an asset for innovation, information exchange greatly outpaced the development of digital transactions. Capable security professionals draw substantial incomes for this reason. Shervin Pishevar recognized trends like these in bringing attention to a looming market crash. It seems that the world’s digital infrastructure is reaching a critical point. Modernizing the Internet to improve digital transactions is essential.

The pressing demand of the free market both incentivized innovation and drove it to be manifested in haste. Shervin Pishevar does believe there is hope. One area to be optimistic in is blockchain technology. Several projects in this space have recognized the need for a new Internet. Some have already begun developing their version of a cryptographically secure network which would be capable of applying the necessarily broad applications. A few ICOs even have prototypes with planned release dates. EOS may be the most notable. Ethereum, while focused on smart contracts, has grown its own environment. Some crypto experts believe that Ethereum is the most important blockchain.

The important aspect in building a modern Internet is that from the ground up it can handle digital transactions. Patch fix security is no longer acceptable and is certainly not the Internet’s future. It may actually be the reason for the looming market crash that Shervin Pishevar pointed to. There is another factor in the digital transaction mix. Verticalization among cryptocurrencies seems to have finally become a substantial characteristic of this new market. Instead of competing with same or similar applications, new ICOs are offering unique solutions. This type of diversification is one reason why Shervin Pishevar indicated his belief that cryptocurrencies will begin a slow recovery.