Revision Rhinoplasty by Dr. Rod Rohrich

Off late, there has been a significant number of patients who are opting for Revision Rhinoplasty. One of the reasons for this is the fact that they have had issues with their previous Rhinoplasty. Hence, the revision surgery is more like a secondary form of nose surgery. Since the nasal structures are considered to be very delicate, the Revision Rhinoplasty is considered as one of the toughest forms of plastic surgeries and if you are considering to get one, you might want to look for someone who has a proven and impeccable record in the space. This is where you might to consult someone like Dr. Rod Rohrich who is considered as one of the experts in the area.

Dr. Rohrich understands the complexities involved in the secondary surgery and hence he has dedicated a lot of journals and presentations worldwide on the subject. He is of the view that such a form of surgery must be performed by someone who is an experienced campaigner for the best possible outcomes for the patients without any serious underlying risks. There is also some percentage of patients who experience some form of breathing issues when the initial surgery does not go well and hence the secondary one could alleviate the breathing issues to a lot of extents. It is also if you want to restore the shape as well as proper functioning of the nose.

Since Dr. Rohrich has already a positive experience in the space, he would certainly ask you questions about your expectations in terms of improvements after the surgery. He would also carefully examine both the inside as well as outside of your nasal area to make sure he is providing you with the best surgery options. He is known to be extremely transparent and would lay out all the possibilities as well as any side-effects in any form, prior to the surgery. Some of the things that are impacted as a result of the surgery are the shape of your face, skin’s thickness to name a few and Dr. Rohrich is likely to go over all of these before you give him a green signal to proceed. To know more about him click here.