Clearabee Rubbish Removal

Home feeling a little crowded? Sometimes cleaning just won’t do. Sometimes organization doesn’t help. Sometimes it’s just time to declutter. Don’t know where to start? Clearabee can help.


Clearabee is the largest man and van rubbish removal company in London. The list of things they can help with is endless. Simply book an appointment and decide what needs to go. Same day pickup is available and a specialty of Clearabee, so even the stinkiest, worst messes can be out of your home in no time.


Their crews can arrive in large purple trucks or simply drop off a Beebag skipbag for rubbish removal. Skipbags can be ordered in several sizes to accommodate your needs. They can work great for individual items needing special disposal. You can even place a bag out in the yard as you garden and it will conveniently be removed for you.


Clearabee takes extra steps to not simply add to the landfill. Over 90% of the waste they collect is recycled to minimize waste production, and 100% of the London collections are recycled.


Needing a pickup? Simply call 0330 088 1000. They offer flexible hours so they can find a time that works best for you. Once the crew arrives they can give you a final estimate on your rubbish removal and haul everything away. Simply call Clearabee and declutter your space now.