Lawrence Bender Has Made A Name For Himself In The Entertainment Industry

Lawrence Bender is a movie producer that has worked on many well known films such as Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs, and Good Will Hunting. The movie that he has worked on that is perhaps my favorite is An Inconvenient Truth. This is one of the first film documentaries that laid the groundwork for exposing man made climate change as scientists know it today. The documentary does an incredible job of explaining the phenomena to anyone who care to listen, regardless of whether or not they have a scientific background. As someone who considers environmental concerns as one of the top priorities for society to deal with as a whole, this film has stuck with me throughout the years. Its ability to tie factual scientific information to the world around us made an obvious statement about what we are truly up against and what we have to lose if we do nothing to combat it. Lawrence Bender’s input on the film made it what it is and for that I am grateful.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Lawrence Bender always has had an affinity for film and figured out early on that this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. After working his way up through the ranks, he would later go one to be nominated for three Oscars. The first came in 1995 for Pulp Fiction where he was up for the Best Picture award. He again received the nomination for Best Picture two years later for his work on Good Will Hunting. His most recent Academy Award winning work was in 2010 when he was nominated for Best Motion Picture Of The Year. He garnered this nomination from his work on Inglorious Basterds which featured George Clooney. Although he did not win an Oscar for any of these three works, it should be noted that a nomination in and of itself is something very few people will ever experience and is deserving of high praise in its own right. Lawrence Bender continues to be an extremely influential producer in the film industry to this day. It is anyone’s bet what he will come up with next and which of his projects will soon be gracing the silver screen.