Staying Updated: What’s New With Lime Crime?

No beautician can truly ignore the revolutionary makeup products from Lime Crime. Doe Deere sure knew what she was doing when she started this brand tailored to creative and expressive individuals. Her customers, who she calls unicorns, order these unique and electric products religiously to represent a mystical and innovative persona.

You might be wondering what is new in the world of Lime Crime cosmetics. Well, you will be happy to know that there are five new stunning shades of diamond crushers lip toppers. If your goal is to look like a fairy on acid, then you will absolutely want to try out these new shades.

The first new diamond crusher lip topper is suitably named Unicorn. It is an iridescent lip topper in a lavender and rainbow shade. It’s a very feminine and soft look, but is still attention-grabbing. Next in line is Heirloom, which is a gorgeous ruby pink. This would be perfect for Valentine’s Day or a hot date. Gemini, the third new shade, is a maroon and blue duochrome shade and is perfect for a dramatic look. L.A. is a gorgeous sunset and orange hue that would work best for either the summer or fall. In fact, it almost looks like the lip color that David Bowie wears in his iconic Aladdin Sane persona. Last but not least is the color Summer, which is a shimmering sparkling peach that can be worn for a nice day out in the park or even at the club; in essence, it’s quite versatile that way.

Of course, along with these gorgeous diamond crushers, you are going to need new unicorn hair dye. Lime Crime released eight new eye-catching shades of their semi-permanent and cruelty free unicorn hair dye that every unicorn needs to get their hands on right away. It took three years, but now unforgettable shades such as Kawaii, Cloud, Valentine, Moonchild, Aesthetic, Bubblegum Pink, Mint Ice and Tweet are available for all loyal fans to flaunt.

With these incredible new cosmetics by this legendary brand, you will be sure to feel like a beautiful fairy princess riding on a unicorn in a sky of rainbows.