Securus Technologies Stopping the Contraband Supply Done Through Drones

Securus Technologies has helped the correctional officers by ending the issue of contraband supply through drones, once and for all. The contraband supply through drones now would not be possible due to the new technology launched by Securus Technologies, the drone detection technology. It is a technology that would set a perimeter across the prison space, and as soon as a drone enters the border, the correctional officers are notified. It would help the correctional officers to improve their response time and confiscate the contraband the drones would be carrying.


The use of drones has caused many problems for the correctional authorities as the criminals use it to transport contraband into the prison facilities. If the inmates get their hands on smuggling easily, it can put lives of many inmates and the corrections officer in danger. In many of the contraband packages that have been seized luckily, it has been found that even weapons are being transported using the drones. It has caused a sort of emergency to address this problem of supply of contraband using the drones. Securus Technologies, a pioneering technology company in the correctional sphere, has developed the drone detection technology that would help detect the entry of drone in the prison premise in real time.


Currently, the drone detection technology is having a test run, and its results would help in further upgrading the technology. However, the results so far have been more than satisfying. Once the drone detection technology is installed in the prison facilities, no drone can go undetected in and around the prison facilities. It would ensure that the contraband supply through the drones is completely stopped. Stopping the supply of contraband would also mean lesser crime and more peace inside the prison. The criminals who depend on drones to supply contraband items and make money from it would now have no way left to achieve their objective.