Ryan Seacrest – Wine Lover and Foodie Extraordinaire

You may already know Ryan Seacreast as the popular host of TV shows like “American Idol” and “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” He can also be heard regularly on the radio, on both his weekday radio program, “On Air with Ryan Seacreast,” and the countdown show formerly hosted by Casey Kasem, “American Top 40 with Ryan Seacrest.” You may not know, however, that Ryan Seacrest is a total foodie, mostly vegan, and working mainly so that he can occasionally enjoy a great bottle of wine with a leisurely dinner.

In a recent interview with the New York Times, Ryan Seacrest is Just One Man, He Can Only Do So Much in This Life, Ryan Seacreast reveals these tidbits, as well as some of his secrets to cramming so much activity into each and every day. These include a basic self-care routine that consists of nothing more than a shower, shave, and a little moisturizer; a fairly standard uniform of sweats, a zip-up hoodie, and (seasonally) Uggs; and regular workouts – currently boxing with a coach, Peloton bikes, and running in the park. He also refuses to choose between tea and coffee, enjoying a cup of matcha tea and then coffee every morning.

Ryan Seacrest also reveals that he’s had to learn to put his phone down, focus and prioritize – that not every issue needs to be dealt with immediately. He’s learned that it’s OK to be without his device at times, and to triage issues and to leave some things until later. He also believes that saying “yes” to people as often as possible, and trying to make his job look easy, are some of the secrets to his success.

That success doesn’t just include producing popular programs such as “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” and a number of spin-offs. He also has his own clothing line, Distinction, and skin care line, Polished. Finally, he hasn’t hesitated to share some of his success, with his nonprofit foundation dedicated to inspiring young people, including children in pediatric hospitals.

Here’s the latest Tweets from Ryan Seacrest: twitter.com/RyanSeacrest