Retirement Planning Is The Key To A Secured Future Free Of Financial Worries

Warren Buffet, one of the world’s most successful investor and stock market analysts, said in an interview recently that the Americans should start considering retirement planning on a priority basis. He recently wagered $1 million on the point he stands by that S&P 500 index fund can generate better returns than most of the funds out there, and he’s not wrong.

He says that many of the smart investors who managed to invest in passive index fund a few decades back are now sitting on millions. However, he also added that there is no way one can guess which investment option is better than the others, especially when it comes to funds. The best way is to diversify the investment and not hatch all your eggs in one basket.

Timothy Armour, Chairman of the Capital Group, one of the largest and most active hedge fund managers in the world, is an expert in the financial world, who seconds what Warren Buffett said about the investments above. He has done his graduation in economics from the Middlebury College and is associated with the financial world for over 34 years.

All through his career, he has worked with the Capital Group, where Tim Armour started on an associate program. He managed to climb the ladder of success due to his sharp business sense and determination to succeed. At Capital Group, he helped the company with global expansion and collaborate with leading investment giants, such as Samsung Asset Management in South Korea. Capital Group helped Samsung Asset Management with providing people of South Korea a wide range of retirement planning options.