Perry Mandera and Transportation Field Proficiency

Perry Mandera created Custom Care Charities, Inc. He’s a transportation field veteran who likes assisting other people. He’s committed to church and to the members of his family. He even appreciates athletics. Mandera finished studying at a public high school located in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the seventies. He wasted no time and became part of the United States’ Marine Corp Reserves. His tour of duty was an eventful one. His motor pool duties revolved around truck driving. This was a new skill that he had to acquire. Perry got an honorable discharge and after that transitioned seamlessly to existence as a civilian. He was merely a young man when he started a company of his own. This was in 1980. He maintained it for half a decade and sold it in 1985. Mandera had had employment with numerous transportation businesses before he got the chance establish his company.

Politics is yet another subject that’s of interest to Perry Mandera. He was a Republican Ward committeeman for several years during the eighties. This was for Chicago’s 26th Ward. He was notably young to have that role at the time. Perry Mandera launched The Custom Companies, Inc. in 1986. It currently accommodates the requirements of many diverse customers. It helps enormous corporations. It even helps up-and-coming firms that are operated by family members.

Mandera tied the knot back in 1989. He has two kids. He keeps himself extremely busy with youth sports and educational pursuits. He does a lot for his neighborhood. His church is also one of his biggest priorities in life.

Perry Mandera endorses many organizations that are in his surroundings. He endorses the ISCC which is short for the “Illinois State Crime Commission.” It’s a group that has an admiration for him that’s unequaled. The ISCC gave Mandera the 2010 Bishop Sheil Award. The group, just a year later, also gave him the exciting “Citizen of the Year” title. The ISCC is a not-for-profit entity that collaborates with the Police Athletic League. It concentrates on all kinds of actions that lower juvenile behavioral problems and crime overall.