National Chair of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American, is a real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist and the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation whose function is to provide philanthropic and charitable to various organizations to strengthen the American-Israeli relationship, the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The charitable services offered by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation are in the form of partnership development, consultations, and fundraising aimed at helping programs which deal with Jewish continuity, Jewish education, and Pro-Israel advocacy.

Adam’s Family Foundation adheres to three essential principles. The first is the impact on life. The organization raises funds and creates organizations which cater to the needs of people of all ages. Programs are developed for the childhood, adolescence and the various stages of adulthood, which means that they focus on a target audience. The second is activeness in their philanthropy. The foundation has experienced staff which is almost always involved in a charitable service at any given time. Lastly, Adam’s organization also offers consultations to help other charitable organizations make connections with non-profit organizations and work towards common goals.

Adam Milstein was born to Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein in Haifa, Israel. Hillel immigrated to Israel from Argentina in 1948 while Eva immigrated to Israel from Mexico in 1949. Adam spent his early years at Kiryat Motzkin and Kiryat Yam and in 1971 joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and was among the soldiers fighting in the Yom Kippur war of 1973. After serving in the Israeli Army, Adam joined the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology) and in 1978 graduated with a Bachelor’ Degree in business and economics.

While is college, he joined his father in expanding the real estate business.IN 1974 he tied the note with Gila Elgrably. Seven years later they migrated with their two daughters to the United States, where one more daughter was born to them. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of South California (LA). Milstein’s posts on social media are a reflection of his deep connection to the state of Israel. He is dedicated to ensuring that the great Israeli-American relationship is upheld and Jewish people make it in life.

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Keith Mann Understands Hedge Fund Staffing Success

Keith Mann does understand what is required to succeed in the world of hedge funds. He knows that the right staff and the best executives are required for any hedge fund to embark on a path that leads to maximizing monetary returns for investors and keep a company on solid financial footing. This is why Mann puts enormous effort into running Dynamic Search Partners, an elite hedge fund placement service based in New York City.


The mere fact that Dynamic Search Partners is located in NYC speaks volumes about how successful this company is. New York City is the place where a massive amount of the world’s money runs. Hedge funds cannot operate in New York City unless they are able to run ahead the game. The right staff assists with this result.


And Keith Mann does assist others as he enjoys giving back to the community. Mann is a philanthropist at heart and he puts an enormous amount of effort into supporting educational, law enforcement, and animal rights endeavors.


Charters schools in the northeast have definitely gained quite a bit of benefit from the charity work Keith Mann and his wife Keely have engaged in. Uncommon Schools has been supported exceptionally by the Manns and the funding directed to the charter schools bearing the Uncommon Schools flag have been rejoicing. $22,000 was raised by Mann and his colleagues in the financial industry. The money is going to cover various operational costs associated with running testing and other activities.

The Fight Against Cancer: Clay Siegall vs The Competition

Cancer is one of life’s most prevalent diseases in the world today. It comes in many forms within the body in areas such as lungs, throat, liver, or prostate. In years of the past this deadly illness was almost untreatable and the medications that were being used such as Chemotherapy, actually made the patients feel even sicker. That was cancer treatment of “yester-year” and currently to date, more advanced medications are doing a far better job and is saving many more lives. Cancer Treatment is being provided all of the world, but Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of this specific field.

Seattle Genetics has some of the best features for being ranked so high on a list that’s full of successful companies. It has advanced treatments, experience, growth, and leadership. This leadership comes in the form of Dr. Clay Siegall. The George Washington University Graduate has extensive knowledge and a Ph.D in Genetics. He’s a brilliant thinker and takes the correct actions that are needed for staying at the top spot. The company has grown substantially with Clay Siegall as it’s (CEO) and President unlike other companies. Staying relevant and “in the know” is how this Bothell, Washington organization maneuvers and it’s game changing drug (ADCETRIS), is one of the most commonly used cancer fighting medication on the market today. Unlike many other company leaders, Clay Siegall doesn’t need the spotlight to get his point across as the company’s antibody based therapies does all the talking by providing positive results. He’s known in the industry as a philanthropist, scientist, and specialist.

Forbes Magazine announced that Seattle Genetics was one of the country’s fastest growing companies of 2016 and with such growth, Vice President Joe Biden has made a visit to company headquarters. With more than 800 employees on the team, Seattle Genetics is one of the Puget Sound Area’s biggest employer. Even with the huge success of (ADCETRIS), Seattle Genetics has 12 more drugs in it’s development pipeline and Dr. Clay Siegall controls them all.

Chris Burch: An Entrepreneur With Insight

There are people who just settle for a regular job. Then there are people who start companies and create jobs. Chris Burch is one of the latter. He is a serial entrepreneur and has a lot of experience with building businesses. He is also someone who looks at technology in order to predict the future as to where it is going. He writes on topics like technology and fashion. As a matter of fact, the way he describes the future of success is based on collaboration. If one is able to get a few things to collaborate, then he will be able to experience a lot of success.


One thing that makes Chris Burch very successful is his ability to find the sweet spot between innovation and implementation. One thing he has realized is that it is one thing to come up with some good ideas. It is another thing to actually successfully apply these ideas and make it work well. He is someone that has managed to apply these new ideas that he has thought up. This has resulted in a lot of success in his pursuits. One thing that Chris Burch has shown is that he is very creative when it comes to business.


This is yet another topic that Chris Burch is passionate about. He understands the need to combine creativity and productivity for there to be any real progress. There are people that come up with the best ideas and yet they do not take the time to apply these ideas. Then there are people who are all action. One of the best things that could happen is that the creative minds team up with the productive people so that real progress can be made. One thing that Chris Burch has seen that could help build a better future is collaboration.

Everyone Feels Fabulous in Fabletics

We all know the struggle of finding stylish clothing at a reasonable price and who really has the time to spend hunting for active wear of decent quality that doesn’t break the bank? Well, if you head over to you wont have to. Owned by Kate Hudson, this is a company that’s going above and beyond to provide stylish clothing at a great price with new styles added monthly so you’ll never be bored. Their goal is to make sure that everyone can feel confident and comfortable while staying healthy at the same time.

Teri Hutcheon, of A Foodie Stays Fit, offers a glowing (and unpaid) review of the products she’s purchased, saying that the quality is great for the price and the price is a great deal! With the wide variety of designs and style for capris and tanks, she suggests there’s going to be something for everyone to love.

You’ll find more love for Fabletics on Krazy Coupon Lady, who says that the styles she found were rivaling that of Lululemon and agrees that it’s a great value. She listed some of her favorites including the Lima Capri, saying that the compression and quality were a steal for the price, and the Salar Capris for their amazing quality and eye catching hot pink color.

Your don’t have to look far to find people who love Fabletics, just take a look at I did and the very first reviewer I came across gave their Moscow Coat a five star rating saying that she may never wear another coat again. Other reviewers state that they are never disappointment by their shipment and love that it arrives in a timely manner. They also love the amazing customer service, with prompt responses and representatives who strive to make your experience as fabulous as their products.

If your head over to their website you’ll find some awesome deals right now, including outfits at just $15.00 with their VIP membership and some amazing things in the current collections. Made to get through whatever your day brings, from workouts to chasing the kids, their clothing is made to help you follow their mantra – “Live Your Passion“.

Fabletics: The Innovator of Activewear

Fabletics is expanding even more in the e-commerce world. They are now going to Amazon to bring in even more profits and more stores throughout the US. With Amazon controlling 20% of the fashion e-commerce world, they are destined to meet their expansion goals as they continue to take over the market.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown, thus far, to a $250 million dollar business in three years. This brand is so successful due to many reasons. For one, Fabletics have aspirational clothing that pushes the consumer a little bit to reach that higher mark, and this brand includes convenience and membership that create a powerful combination. Not to mention, we are now in the ‘activewear’ movement which also encourages consumers to buy.

And furthermore, with utilizing the various reverse showroom techniques from their e-commerce store and now Amazon, their booming success will allow them to maintain their thriving brick and mortar stores along with adding more stores that are set to be in areas across the US. As a matter of fact, Fabletics liken themselves to Warby Parker and Apple in which their positioning and strategy are paying off due to the opening of more stores and their fashion membership. This will add to their current sixteen brick and mortar stores located in places, such as Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.

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Kate Hudson Gushes Over Athletic Line Fabletics

Many may wonder what is the secret behind Fabletics’ success. And according to their General Manager, Greg Throgmartin, Fabletics believed they are building a reimagined and modern version of a high value brand since day one. He further stated that their membership model allows them to provide personalized service and on-trending fashion for half the competitors’ prices. He also stated that it’s much simpler to make consumers happy when knowing who they are and what they desire.

About Fabletics

The co-CEOs of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and the iconic actress turned business mogul, Kate Hudson, launched Fabletics in October 2013. These visionary leaders saw a great need in the market for activewear. They observed how there are luxury brands, but they are not made of high quality that is stylish at great prices. And as result, they have gained millions of subscription memberships from people around the world as they spread throughout the US, Europe, and other locations. And they currently have 16 stores located throughout the US. And lastly, Kate Hudson features new brands each month as she displays her favorites.

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White Shark Media Reshaping the Landscape of Digital Marketing

White Shark Media is one of the fastest expanding digital media agencies in the world. The company, which was founded in 2011, targets small and medium-sized enterprises. The company’s rapid growth is the result of their dedication to top quality customer experience. The company also features affordable and customer-friendly search marketing campaigns, which make it highly attractive to clients throughout America and beyond. White Shark’s innovative approaches to online marketing assist entrepreneurs grow their businesses. The company provides a wide array of proprietary tools to give clients increased marketing options. The company follows the progress of its customers’ marketing activities to remain that it remains entirely accountable to each customer. It is such concern for the customers’ satisfaction and success that keeps the flow of solution-seeking clients constant in White Shark Media.

Customers at the company have access to such quality services as Google Analytics integration and proprietary reporting software. This allows for the tracking of their marketing efforts in fine detail. Founded by investors who have excellent skills and marketing experience, White Shark is conquering small and medium-sized business market in the US using the Big Hairy Audacious Goal. So far, the firm has a large presence in the Latin America Market. By sticking to the delivery of unparalleled customer service and products, the media agency has been moving from one level of success to the next. The firm’s highly talented and committed staff has been central to the success story. To further strengthen is the relationship with its client base, the company completely shares the vast information it has accumulated through research and experience with its customers. Therefore, customers can apply practical and foolproof approaches in their businesses rather than trying out previously untested concepts.

The company’s unique approach to marketing, customer service, and expansion strategy were recognized by Google just one year after the firm was founded. The company received an invitation to Google Headquarters in early 2012 as recognition for their rapid growth. Google assigned a team to the company to help them meet their customers’ needs better in the course of their accelerated expansion. In 2014, White Shark received the Google AdWords Premier SMB Partnership Award, becoming only one of 29 companies to do so. The firm has also been recognized by Microsoft and is part of the online giant’s Bing Ads Authorized Reseller program.

White Shark continues to provide innovative, affordable and top quality services to its clients. In a Digital Marketing environment that is highly competitive, the company has what it takes to thrive. With its policy of full transparency and easy-to-use services, the company is reshaping the digital marketing landscape.


What Other Women can Learn from Dr. Walden

For the people around the Austin, Texas, Dr. Walden is more than a doctor to them. She is a commentator, media personality and an academician whom many children want to emulate. Other than the medicine career, Dr. Jennifer Walden has appeared on several TV programs to talk about plastic surgery. They include ABC News as well as Fox news. In writing, she has written a book called Aesthetic Surgery with another writer. She has also made countless publications in the journal of medicine and dentistry. When not practicing medicine, she works as an aesthetic company consultant. Some of the firms that use her expertise are Sciton Inc. as well as Venus Concept and ThermiAesthetics.


Recently, Dr. Walden explained that women too could make it in a male-dominated field. She, however, warned women pursuing medicine and business to toughen up as they require determination and confidence. Dr. Walden acknowledges that it is not easy to have a family particularly small children and pursue a demanding career. She advises women to be well thought and organized to succeed. She also tells women there will be a time that they will be made to make a difficult decision about their lives, especially ones that affect them forever.


Despite been successful in her career, she has prioritized her two children. She says that their happiness and health comes ahead of her. Dr. Walden says that she considers herself as achievement-oriented. She also terms herself as a woman who thrives on challenges. Dr. Walden spent much of her career in Manhattan, New York City before relocating to Austin, Texas. She made the decision to move after she delivered her two boys. She has received help from her mom and nannies to adapt in her hometown. She has opened a clinic called Westlake Medical Center, and she even does operations here. Despite been a mother of two kids, she says that she is amazed by how women with five kids survive terming it as hectic. Dr. Walden is a graduate of the University of Texas. She has always loved for artistry and creativity. For this reason, she chose plastic surgery. Her parents used to practice medicine.

Free Trip to Milan? : New Talk Fusion Incentive Trip

Talk Fusion announced a new incentive trip for Independent Associates. Talk Fusion will cover the airfare and a first-class hotel for associates and their spouses to the luxurious Milan, Italy. The trip, called “Destination: Milan”, will be set for December 2017 and will be available to qualified current and future Talk Fusion associates. What makes one qualified?

Associates must be participating in the company’s “World’s First Instant Pay Compensation Plan.” Basically, this is a way associates gain income: by sharing Talk Fusion’s “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution” with other businesses. Associates have until October 29, 2017 to reach the “Diamond” rank in order to go on the trip.

Now this is just one of many incentives Talk Fusion has to offer. From a rolex watch to a fully paid Mercedes-Benz C-Class! I don’t know about you, but that’s how I’d wish my job would reward me.

You can really tell how Talk Fusion views its associates from a quote by VP of Training & Development Allison Roberts. “People dream of being financially free, of spending more free time with their families, and of traveling to new destinations.” “Through hard work and determination, Talk Fusion is where those dreams become a reality for many. We’re on a mission to put more stamps in our associates’ passports so they can see the world and experience the lifestyle they deserve.”


About Talk Fusion:

Talk Fusion is a company that helps businesses improve. Through the “all-in-one Video Marketing Solution”, businesses will have a medium to engage more with their customers and see an increase in profits.

Best Day to Day Life Hacks by Wengie

We all know how life hacks can be a lifesaver or a nail saver. Sometimes we don’t want to toss out a favorite sweater because it becomes linty and dull. These life hacks can show you just how easy it is to make your every day life a lot easier.


We all have that one sweater or shirt we love but can’t seem to keep the lint off of it. And lets face it, not everyone has a lint shaver. Grab a razor and gently run the new blade right over the fabric. This will help get all those pesky lint pieces off in no time. The shirt or sweater will be looking almost as good as new.


At times, we have to either put a key on our keyring or take a key off. Lets face it, if we just had our nails done this could put a damper or a chip in the top coat of your nails. Get a staple remover, using the claw end, open the keyring up. Just by rotating the remover around, you can easily get that key off or back on again without ruining your beautiful nails.


According to Wengie, We all forget stuff from time to time. To make life easier for the day, just put all your items together before you leave out. If you put your keys on top of your phone, purse, planner, or etc. you will not forget anything on your way out.


Sometimes you just don’t want anyone to see what you have scribbled on paper. And most try to mark it out with a side to side motion of a pen. Next time try by writing words or numbers over the original scribble so that the content can’t be made out. Why stop there? Laundry can be a pain to keep up with and folded all the time. So to keep yourself on track, simply put your laundry on your bed. You have to fold it in order to lay down for the night.


Important papers can be bent in the bottom of our purses. But by putting a piece of cardboard in a zip lock bag and putting your important documents inside, your important papers can be saved and looking crisp.


Life hacks ranging from the perfect shower temperature by using a dry eraser marker, lining the trash bag with a couple of newspapers to soak up any liquid, taking a pic of the inside of your fridge to do grocery shopping, placing hooks on your waste basket to keep the bag in place, or using a strainer to get the little crumbs sifted from your cereal, these 10 can make your day run a lot smoother.


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