A Look At Dr. AviWeisfogel’s Goal To Help Sleep Apnea Sufferers

AviWeisfogel is a person who trained as a dentist and lives in Old Bridge, New Jersey. He had his own dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, since January 1999 and managed it for over 15 years. Dr. AviWeisfogel earned his Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University. He earned his DDS Dentistry degree from the New York University College of Dentistry. Dr. Weisfogel also founded and operates Dental Sleep Masters where he teaches seminars about how to treat sleep disorders with a focus on sleep apnea.

While he had his practice Dr. Weisfogel won Best Dentist from his community in a number of different years. While running his practice he researched how dentists could help people who are suffering from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea serious disorder where people that suffer from it will stop breathing at night, sometimes for extended periods of time. This causes a lack of oxygen to the body and brain which can result in stroke, diabetes, heart disease, and death. It also leads to numerous accidents, especially involving a car, as people who suffer from sleep apnea tend to be drowsy and not as alert as they should be. His goal with Dental Sleep Masters is to help dentists learn how to treat sleep apnea through prescribing oral appliances that the patient can use at night which helps treat this disorder.

In an interview with ideamensch Dr. Weisfogel says he came up with the idea of Dental Sleep Masters through his interest in sleep disorders and realizing that it was a niche in the world of dentistry that wasn’t being fulfilled. He actually wasn’t sorry to leave his dental practice as he eventually discovered it wasn’t something that he was passionate about. He doesn’t regret starting out in dentistry but he is much more fulfilled in spreading the word about how dentists can help with sleep apnea than working as a dentist himself.

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Highland Capital Management Develop Solutions for its Investors, not Products

Highland Capital is an investment management firm focused on managing structured investment, distressed investment, and hedge funds. The company has interests in international fixed income, public equity, and hedge markets. It is more specifically focused on structured products, and high yield bonds. The company was founded in 1993 by James Dondero and Mark Okada and has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. In 2014, the company had an accumulation of over $18.7 billion of assets under its management. It has a diversified client base which includes public pension plans, governments, financial institutions, corporations, etc. It also has its presence in Seoul, Singapore, Sao Paolo, and New York.

The company has been in existence for over 20 years, and throughout, it has been able to refine its practice with increased accuracy and experience. Highland Capital Management investment approach mainly focuses on ensuring consistency of its high returns. It relies on time-tested and proven principles of investment. The company maximizes on strategies and assets that it perceives to be profitable or can add significant value to investors through offering exceptional skills and expertise to the investment process. The investment team is composed of focused and active research professionals who have over ten years’ experience in the field. The company is also community oriented and has invested a considerable amount of time and financial resources in the communities where their employees live and work. It gives financial donations to both NGO’s and local communities.

Today, the company offers a broad range of products for both institutional investors. Since its initiation, 20 years ago, the company has rapidly expanded, and it now has a team of over 180 employees spread across the globe. It also boasts of having diversified clients’ base that has confidently invested massive amounts of funds in its products. The company is determined to continue offering alpha products and to keep its record of investment. The two co-founders apply proactive management approach to increase and expand the business. They highly rely on checks and balances to effectively mitigate risks and volatility. Additionally, the company upholds a high level of transparency and independency to increase confidence in investors.

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White Shark Media Review: Taking Marketing To New Heights

White Shark Media is one of the top performing Digital Marketing Agencies in the industry. The White Shark Media Blog details their their focus on finding marketing solution on the internet for medium and small sized businesses. They have an impressive reputation because they are dedicated to providing their clients with fair and affordable pricing, while still delivering excellence customer service and results that show. Thanks to this hard work, they are one of the most notable marketing agencies in North America and they continue to grow every year. White Shark Media is devoted to helping businesses find success by providing them with exclusive online marketing tips and access tot heir proprietary marketing information. They use a combination of online systems like Google Analytics, proprietary software, and call tracking in order to monitor their progress and determine what the best ways to help the business is.

White Shark Media provides customer comments on their website and the ways in which they have helped their clients is truly impressive. Reviewers found White Shark Media to use to latest and most innovate technology in order to find success in their company. They are always on the lookout for technological advances because that is the future of digital marketing. White Shark Media was also recommended for anyone who is looking to advertise because they are able to determine the best places to promote their clients’ companies. They also receive excellent comments on their customer service because they always put the needs of their clients first. Their main priority is to help them succeed. One company in Hawaii found that White Shark Media was always available to hear their concerns and they acted on them quickly to provide a solution. White Shark Media allowed them to improve their website, gain more customers, and make more money right away. A tractor company from Texas was pleased with their service and found that they were spending less on marketing with White Shark Media, and making more money from all the new business that they encouraged their way. These reviews showcase that White Shark Media is completely dedicated to their clients.

Omar Yunes – Winning the Best Franchise in the World Competition with Ease

Winning the Best Franchise of the World Competition is a big deal, and it is what Omar Yunes has won. Omar Yunes is the proud owner of the 13 fast food restaurants named Sushi Itto, which is a brand that has a total of 150 restaurants across Mexico and different parts of the world. Sushi Itto is a very popular Japanese fusion fast food chain that has become very popular with the people in the last few years. The brand has a very innovative menu that is mesmerizing, delicious, and healthy at the same time. Omar Yunes won at the competition held in Florence, Italy. Omar Yunes had had the entrepreneurial spirit from the very young age and started his first Sushi Itto outlet when he was just 21.


However, he ensured that he could grow and expand his business consistently, and today has 13 fast food franchise units of Sushi Itto. Over 400 employees work at his 13 outlets, and after winning the award, he mentioned that it is because of the hard work put in by his employees that he can win the competition. The Best Franchise in the World competition is based on strict parameters, and the franchise owner that gets the maximum points win the competition.


And, Omar Yunes was able to earn the maximum points on all the judging factors, which includes the turnover, marketing, customer service, hygiene and quality, customer feedback, reviews, branding, and more. These factors played an important role when judging which franchise is the best in the world. Hundreds of participants took part in the competition from over 34 countries, which showcases the scale of the competition. Even the organizers of the contest said that Omar Yunes is the deserving candidate as he scored highest in most of the factors that were used to decide who the best Franchise in the World is.

Avaaz’s Efforts to Bringing Equality Across the Globe

Avaaz is the biggest and the most influential online civil organizations in the world. Its main offices are in the United States, but it conducts its undertakings across the globe. The main issues that Avaaz deals with include climate change, human rights, conflicts, animal rights, corruption, and poverty. It has been committed to empowering the voiceless people from the time when it was established in 2007. The name of the organization was transliterated from “âvâz,” which is a Persian word that means a song or a voice. Avaaz strives to ensure that people from different parts of the world are informed about issues that can affect them negatively. The community currently has millions of followers who participate in its undertakings.

The organization’s operations are guided by democracy, and this enables it to accomplish its objectives. It is committed to uniting people from different regions of the globe, eliminating international relation barriers between countries, and making the world a desirable place for everyone to live. Most people have felt the positive effect of Avaaz in the lives. It has enabled ordinary citizens from different nations to form active campaigns against corrupt governments and environmental pollution. Most parts of the world currently have a connection to the internet, and this has helped in increasing the number of people who participate in Avaaz’s campaigns.

The Avaaz community has currently teamed up with activists from different parts of the world to conduct campaigns in 18 languages. Most of the people who run its activities are volunteers. Avaaz has been transforming the world by lobbying governments, using direct action, signing petitions, organizing protests, and supporting social media campaigns. The work that it does is meant to ensure that governments and powerful institutions consult with the communities when making decisions. Avaaz collaborates with legal experts to ensure that its activities follow the law.

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What Is ClassDojo And How Does It Help Teachers And Parents?

ClassDojo is the most-advanced meeting system in the world for parents and teachers. These two parties must come together to work with kids who need the help, and they may meet on a video call that is created through the Class Dojo server. This article explains how the process works, and it shows that both parties will benefit from using this system. There are many things that may be accomplished when everyone works together.

#1: Why Video?

Certain parents cannot make it to regular visitations with parents, and they must have conferences even though they do not have time to come to the school. They may meet over video with a computer or mobile device, and the call is created by ClassDojo. The teacher receives the call on ClassDojo, and they will have an easy time chatting with the parents about their child.

#2: Busy Schedules

Anyone who wishes to change their child’s education must be willing to search for a place and time to meet with the teachers. They have busy schedules that are hard to get around, and ClassDojo ensures that all the people involved in a child’s education may be present for these meetings. This is the simplest way to accommodate someone who is very busy.

#3: Clear Signals

The clear signal that is created by ClassDojo ensures that parents and teachers can understand each other. It is easier to see when they are talking on video, and it is easier to hear so that they may have a conversation. There are many people who have concerns about quality, and ClassDojo has allayed all those fears.

There are many parents and teachers who need ClassDojo because it will help them ensure that they are serving the child. The child progresses, and the adults may meet when needed.

Omar Yunes Shows People They Can Be Successful

While Omar Yunes does have experience in business, he did not have much experience in the food industry before he started to work on the Sushi Itto franchise that he opened in Mexico. He knew that it would be a successful business that he could run but he was concerned with the options that the had with the company and that made some problems for him because of the way that things were going. For Omar Yunes, running the company was the most important thing and it was something that he did so that he would be able to be successful. He didn’t want to do it to make the company better or to do more for the company but that has been the result. Along with the awards that he has won for making Sushi Itto a global company, he has also won awards from independent agencies for his work as a franchisee.

There are many different ways that people are able to benefit from the things that Omar Yunes has done but one of the biggest is the fact that Sushi Itto has grown. The company used to just be a national company. Despite this fact, they were very popular but it was hard to grow just in the area of Japan that they were in. Omar Yunes changed this because he wanted to make the company better. He did what he could to show people that there was more to offer and that he could grow it in a country that wasn’t Japan.

Other people have also taken notice to the fact that Omar Yunes is successful with the company. This is what has allowed him to win awards like the franchising award that he recently won. There is nobody else in Mexico that has been able to win as many awards as what Omar Yunes has done and that has given him a chance to try more with the options that he has. He continues to work hard and grow the company so that he will have a chance at more profits and even more rewards.

The Entrance of Talos Energy in the Oil Industry

Mexico had not opened its offshore oil well to private companies for almost 80 years. It finally did just that to allow foreign competition in its energy market. The three companies participating in this offshore oil well include Premier Oil, Talos Energy, and Sierra Oil & Gas. The joint venture by these three energy companies marked the first time since anyone other than the state-run monopoly, Petroleos Mexicanos, had control of the oil industry.

The Zama-1 Well, as it is named, holds more than 100 million barrels of oil with the drilling expected to take three months. It is anticipated that the oil well will be profitable and is on the oil industry’s watch list. There may be more investments if the well provides exemplary results.

Talos Energy is the primary machinist of the well and holds 35% of its stake. The company is considered as the number one “small company” by Hearst Newspapers. Talos was originally started by Tim Duncan and his partners with $600 million in equity from its previous backers. It provides more than 16,000 barrels of oil every day and is continually producing more at an alarming rate. To put in perspective, the company holds only 120 employees. In addition, WorkPlaceDynamics name the company as having one of the best working environments amongst small businesses.

The work ethic of Talos has created fortunes for the company. In fact, it is expected to continually grow and increase its revenue. Due to the company’s ethic, it attracts fully committed workers and investors who believe in its future. Tim Duncan, the top executive of Talos Energy, further helps the company’s situation in its drive to the top. Duncan consistently tells his employees to “bring [him] your best ideas and don’t hold back.” The employees put it: “There is never a dull moment. We are a small enough company where the work we do really does make a change in the company.”

With its oil projects and unyielding members, Talos is destined to become one of the top oil companies. It has already proven its worth by achieving various different accolades and is continually improving from its previous years.

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Bob Reina Talks the Path to Success for Entrepreneurs

If you were to sit down across from Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reina you would no doubt be able to get some real insight on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 as an answer to what he saw as a burgeoning video marketing industry that absolutely needed someone to fill that need. As a result, Talk Fusion hit the market at the right time and now a decade later they are still going strong. Let’s leap into a conversation with Bob Reina and learn a little bit more about what drove the company and made them so successful. Learn more: http://inspirery.com/bob-reina/


To start with, Bob Reina knew that if he was going to succeed with Talk Fusion he had to jump into the business and come out running. This meant that as he was developing the initial Talk Fusion offering, Video Email, he was already networking and creating connections with potential clients all around the internet. So, by the time Talk Fusion was ready to officially open their doors he already had a foundation of excitement laid out and ready to help sell his product. The second half of his story for success was that he created a product that was ready out of the gate and offered a real solution to real problems that people were having. Video marketing and communication solutions is a rapidly growing industry that is just about changing the game for companies everywhere. Learn more: http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/


To continue, the reason Bob Reina feels so personally successful is that he believes in the product that he is working with. When you jump into marketing people are going to super intuitive on how you feel about your product. If you don’t buy into it, it just won’t succeed. Reina personally believed from the get go that Talk fusion was the answer and it has shown itself time and time again. Reina has spread this faith down to all of his hard working Talk Fusion Associates as well. That is why the company won some serious industry awards in 2016 and why the look poised for a big 2017, as well. Learn more: http://blog.talkfusion.com/


Fabletics-Staying Trendy

Fabletics has grown to become known for being the go-to for your active wear. They offers a VIP service to their members and you will find that you can even get personalized service when you fill out the lifestyle Quiz when you join. Fabletics has manages to compete with Amazon which controls about 20% of the fashion market online and they are now worth $250 million dollars.


Fabletics did not spring up overnight but they decided to grow slowly and steadily. Fabletics got to know their client base and they expand by about 35% every year which is a good progressive expansion for a company. They avoided the more common pop up approach for most new companies and because of their slower expansion they have gotten to better know their customers. About 30-50% of their customers tat shop their stores are already members with another 25% becoming members in-store.


When new members sign up to become members of the Fabletics VIP club they are strongly encouraged to fill out the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz not only helps to give them a more customized shopping experience, but it also helps Fabletics keep in touch with what their customers really want in their active wear.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and keeps a close watch on the sales every week and also what is and is not selling. Then she adjusts her collections accordingly in order to keep her customers happy and to keep items in stock that will sell.


Hudson has recently expanded her clothing lines to include sizes from XXS to 3X so that pretty much anyone will be encouraged to live e more active lifestyle-a goal of Hudson’s. Hudson feels that if you have a cute outfit to look forward to wearing, it will get you motivated to get moving and to become more healthy.


Hudson wanted to start a company that would not only offer a personalized service to her customers but would also offer trendy active wear at a reasonable price. This has proven to be a very successful approach and her company has gained popularity quite quickly. So far Fabletics has attracted 1.2 million members every month and even has 21 million followers on Twitter. Fabletics has 18 retail stores and only continuing to grow in popularity.


Hudson’s approach to growing her company has proven to be very successful and she stays involved by monitoring what is happening with sales and what is popular so she can stay on top pf the trends. There is no special formula to follow when it comes to what will sell, but gathering information on sales and form the Lifestyle Quizzes can really help to narrow down what is more likely to become popular.


Hudson believes in the importance of staying true to your dreams and to yourself and taking risks. Yo will become fearless an will be able to conquer anything if you stay true to yourself and keep trying to live the life that you want.

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