O2Pur comes with a new touch in e-cigs market

E-cigs just as the word suggest is an electronic device, which was first created in China and the current form of e-cigarettes was first established in China in 2003. When it comes to e-cigs it is important to known the leading giants; it allows you to have a variety to chose from depending on your price limit as well as preferred flavours.

Some of the reasons e-cigs is a preferred product by many include; the product is pocket-friendly users can be able to access it without causing a strain on their finances. Also, the products also stimulate the smoking making it even a better experience compared to traditional methods; e-cigs are also preferred since they can be re-used. As a user you do not have to buy the electronic device over and over you can purchase the flavours you prefer and still enjoy your experience. Another advantage is the mobility; e-cigs can be carried easily from one location to the other and are handheld.

The British America Tobacco.

This is one of the largest company in the e-cig industry; the company provides a variety of products ensuring all their client’s needs are met. One of their most recent projects is the heat-no-burn HNB; the company believes that this project is the next big thing in the market, HNB heats real tobacco and produces a vapour that ensures the user tastes the flavours as well as the nicotine.

Phillips Morris.

This is another big player in the industry. The company has a pen-like rechargeable device. Users insert a short cigarette into the device. The device is quite popular especially because of the rechargeable factor. Users want a product that shows value for their money and Phillips Morris has succeeded in doing this.

Reynolds America,

This company started off years ago and had introduced many products in the market. However one of their products that received good reception was the Vuse e-cigs, this product is one of the largest in the market.

The entry of O2Pur in e-cigs.

Many users are feeling the entry of O2PUR in the market, O2Pur provides a variety of products to its users, the company provides clients with affordable products to the consumers. O2Pur has been in the business for almost five years now, and they are quickly picking up and can deliver quality products to users all over the country.