Lime Crime Puts Out Fun New Palettes

There are times when a brand will release a product that catches the eye of the public right away because of its fun design. That is just what Lime Crime has done with their new eyeshadow palettes. Lime Crime is a brand that is always focused on bright colors and fun designs, and they have done well with the palettes that they have recently put out. The new pocket-sized palettes from Lime Crime each hold five shadows. The shadows play well together on the eyes, and they help the one who uses them create a beautiful look.

The Pocket Candy Palettes from Lime Crime feature shadows inside of them that are buttery and smooth. The eyeshadow that is part of the new palettes is something that is easy to blend out, and it is something that can be enjoyed by people of all makeup skill levels. Lime Crime has done well with the formula that they have used for the eyeshadows in their new palettes, and they have created fun mixes of colors that look great on all kinds of people and that work well for all types of situations.

Lime Crime is a brand that focuses on creating quality and fun products, and they have done that with the Pocket Candy Palettes. This brand is one that makes products that work well as gifts, and the new palettes that they have put out are a great gift option. Lime Crime is always doing something fun and different, and they are a brand to be watched.