Jeffry Schneider Heart And Soul Invested In His Community and Clients

Beginning his college career by going to the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Jeffry Schneider went on after graduation to become the founder of a huge host of outstanding companies. The first great idea which started off making him into a business super star was when he founded Axiom Capital Management in March of 2002. Schneider stayed with his very first company for two years before moving on with another great idea to become the founder of yet another brilliant company known as the Paradigm Global Advisors back in May of 2004. Schneider stayed with Paradigm Global Advisors for nearly four years before again striking gold and deciding to take it all the way to create yet another awesome company and prove his fantastic ability in the business world. In January of 2006 he founded Alternative Investments where he stayed for another three years and eight months of his life, putting all of himself into each and every project he engaged himself in before taking one last idea to the forefront for the win. In March of 2012, Jeffry Schneider founded the company known fondly today as Ascendant Capital, LLC., which is a small firm working in alternative investment banking. Working to develop creative and innovative offerings that are what the company refers to as “value-added” so that they can aid in assisting the best interest of the investments of their prized clients. Servicing their clients with a wide array of options such as marketing, operational services, educational, and sales, Jeffry Schneider and his company Ascendant Capital, LLC., work hard and long to achieve the best quality treatment for their clientèle. Distributed through out International Markets, Private Banks, Registered Investment Advisors, United States Brokerage Firms, and Family Offices, Jeffry Schneider and his company actively invest themselves in the well being and productivity of each and every individual client. That’s not the only way Schneider is helpful though, he’s also deeply invested in his community, taking time to Volunteer at the Gazelle Foundation as well as a Volunteer at Wonders and Worries, always putting his heart and soul into everything he does.