Jed McCaleb on Technology and the Future of Blockchain Payments

This world is transitioning at a relatively faster rate and we are barely aware of it. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have cemented their positions as major industrial disrupters especially in finance. For that reason, Jed McCaleb , one of the world’s best programmers and founder of some of the most competent virtual assets believes that understanding this change is incredibly important. As a long time developer of different cryprocurrency programs, Jed McCaleb is of the idea that the cruptocurrency and blockchain platforms will change payments and stock markets.


Background Data

McCaleb is prominent for being a major stakeholder in various crypto organizations and up to date, he has worked with various experts with the aim of achieving one major goal; make life easier for online virtual traders. As the chief technology officer of one Stellar Organization that is focused of the development of cryptocurrency networks made for the payment of cross-border trades, McCaleb’s input in the world of cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored. Recently, he was interviewed by and he categorically stated that the future of blockchain technology rests in the hands of experts and what is more, there is a bright future given the rush with which most investors are interested in the business.

The Future of Blockchains

McCaleb goes on to explain that the future if blockchain rests in universal payments that will often be operated by people. That is why he concludes that a public ledger will suffice in this scenario. Luckily, Stellar, one of Jed’s foundations is working to solve the very same payment issues. Subsequently, the network claims a lesser amount of transaction settlement fee by allowing traders to exchange government currencies like the U.S. dollar as well as the Euro.


The Overview

In addition, McCaleb said that token sales indicate how much the market is not tapped by the financial markets at the moment as the initial coin offerings have currently raised approximately $9 billion in four years.


More on Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is a household name in the programming world. The tech guru owns several inventions including eDonkey and Mt. Gox. Also the owner of Stellar, McCaleb is a revered technologist and futurist whose input in the world of cryptoccurencies is revered. He believes that the future of blockchains and cryptoccurrencies are intertwined.