Jason Hope Gives Hope To Young Technology Start-Ups And Humanity

Jason Hope is a futurist, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor from Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason hope has a degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also acquired his MBA from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. His focus is on biotechnology, investing in start ups and philanthropy. Earlier in his career, Jason Hope established a mobile communications company. When he is not busy with his businesses, Jason Hope spends his time mentoring high school students in Scottsdale. He also spends that time coming up with various grant programs for entrepreneurs. Jason believes that technology is the future and therefore employs the use of technology in his research and development work.

He has developed mobile apps and desktop software. Has developed gaming software and devices that use technology to make life a little more comfortable in the face of various human conditions. Jason Hope is continually seeking new ways to use technology for the overall benefit of our well-being. As a futurist, Jason Hope studies the technology infrastructure to look out for trends to determine where technology is headed. Because of his ability to predict the progression into the future of technology; he is consulted by businesses and individuals. Jason Hope provides these entities with the guidance they need in making new technological investments or ways of capitalizing in technological advancements.

As an investor in young start-ups, Jason Hope gives young people with high business ideas the opportunity to see their dreams come to fruition. Jason is a believer in raising up a new generation of entrepreneurs. He does this by using his business acumen to shape further the ideas he is presented into profitable business ventures. Jason gives grants to high school seniors and college students to finance great ideas that may well become the next technological breakthrough. Any student in the senior and college years with great plans are eligible for the grants. The designs are submitted through his website where he selects them. For more info about us: http://jasonhope.com/technology/ click here.

Jason Hope cares deeply about the welfare of his fellow community members. He uses his assets to help local organizations in the Arizona community. He also supports multinational humanitarian organizations which work towards improving the conditions of people and give hope of a better future. Not only does he see fit to provide financial support to groups, but he also uses his influence and resources in whichever way that could be beneficial to these agencies.