How Gregory James Aziz has helped in Improving National Steel Car’s Profitability

Gregory James Aziz is a top Canadian businessman and philanthropist who is acknowledged for his efforts in National Steel Car’s success. He is the firm’s owner, CEO, and also chairs its board of directors. National Steel Car is North America’s oldest manufacturer of railroad freight cars. Its factory is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz attended the Ridley College and pursued an economics degree at the University of Ontario.

James Aziz’s family owns Affiliate Food, which is a renowned firm that imports and wholesales food stuff. He worked for the company as from the 1970s and was its manager for 16 years. Greg greatly assisted in transforming the enterprise into an international business. Affiliate Foods bought commodities from South America, South Africa, and different part of Europe. It then sold most of its product in the U.S and Eastern Canada.

The entrepreneur served Affiliate Foods until 1987 when he joined the investment banking sector. His career was a success, and he bought National Steel Car in 1994. The railroad freight vehicle manufacturer’s production and revenue were low at that time. Greg Aziz has managed to grow the company into the best brand of its kind in North America. The firm has a talented workforce that comprises of top engineers in the industry. His outstanding management skills helped in raising National Steel Car’s production from 3,500 to 12,000 within five years. The company also increased the number of employees from 600 to 3000.

The railroad freight cars that are manufactured by Gregory J. Aziz’s company use the latest technology. Its excellent standards enabled it to earn the ISO 9001:2008 certification. National Steel Car has also been awarded as the best firm in the industry for 18 consecutive years. Its high-quality products enabled it to win the TTX SECO award in 1996. The company is now focused on selling its cars to the international markets. Greg has excellent business skills and has enabled the company to meet the needs of its customers.

Apart from his achievements as a businessman, Aziz is a celebrated philanthropist. His company supports communities on Hamilton in different ways. It donated money to help in constructing Theatre Aquarius. Gregory is also a benefactor to the Salvation Army, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera. He mobilizes National Steel Car’s employee to support local food drives. The firm celebrates Christmas with all its current and former employees annually.