Grassroots Campaign Tips From NGP VAN

Holding grassroots campaigns can raise awareness as it brings issues and candidates to the forefront of the public eye. Today, it seems more crucial than ever as the public opinion on current issues needs a strong voice. NPG VAN has much to offer in tips to organizers who want to have a successful campaign event.

Field Organizing

The first thing is to identify supporters of your campaign. This can include financial donors, volunteers, and campaign organizers. Next, target the voter population that will support your effort. Create a plan that will carry through the efforts of your volunteer campaigners to your voter population. This can include door to door canvassing, robocalling, direct mailing, local business support, as well as radio and TV ads. It is advised to assign a Field Director with an enterprising support staff. This is especially useful for big events such as campaign rallies and a voter registration push.

Field organizing continues throughout the full campaign with a big focus on the final GOTV (GET OUT TO VOTE) push. Using science and data are critical to a successful campaign while lending a structure to achieve the campaign goals.

How To Set Field Goals

The object is to secure over 50% of the cast votes to achieve a victory. To do that, a Win Number needs to be established. The Win Number is created by the number of votes that will be cast and the margin of those votes that will assure a victory. To accomplish this number, research the last three similar type elections looking at voter turnout. Take into account weather conditions, general or midterm election years, a shift in demographics, and any other changes that may affect an average number.

Find Your Voters

After the Win number has been determined, it is time to turn that number into live voters. Those involved in the campaign should locate voters that will give the most return on voting day with the least use of campaign resources. Using party voter data, using NGP VAN’s software, will allow you to target those voters. Getting those voters to the polls is the final push.