Felipe Montoro Discusses U.S. Taxes from a Brazilian’s Perspective

What Does That “Glorious” Federal Income Tax Truly Cover? Let’s Have a Look!

Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go? A Primer List


  1. Straight to Our National Defense

Our nation has needed the funds to continue the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years now, no thanks to “9/11”. While this may come as no surprise to Americans, one may still note — with a dropped jaw and a stunned gaze of amazement no less – just how much of our federal income taxes have gone into this cause. If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself by doing your own research.


  1. To Invest In “Greater Healthcare”

It’s no secret that Obamacare was no less than one of the U.S.’s biggest national disasters — one even more potentially destructive than the recent Hurricane Irma — it still bears noting that nearly half of our federal income tax cuts go straight here. That is, of course, if we allow them to. We can always opt out: It all depends on the coverage we’re willing to settle for, and that is an entirely different story.



  1. For Bettering Our Education Programs – Not a Bad Initiative, Indeed

This one is easy for even a fifth-grader to grasp: The nation that invests in its future generations is the one that will see the best talents of such generations in the global workforce. Thus, funding new initiatives — along with their continually trending statistics and findings — is no mere option; it is our responsibility as Americans. We must help our children and youth to see a better future, and that begins right now.



  1. Into Food Stamps – What’s This?

“Spreading the wealth” has always played its role, however subtle. This may change. We’ll see.


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