Fabletics to Develop a Plus Size Category for Ladies Fitness Wear in 2017

Most ladies are stuck between finding something fashionable or inexpensive when shopping for their gym wears, making the gap between fashion and functionality to continue widening. In 2010, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler discovered that the fitness wear consumption was high and that the trend was not going to slow down any time soon. As such, they decided to co-create Fabletics with a primary goal of creating fashionable gym wear that was functional, comfortable, and affordable.

Their idea revolutionized the activewear market as the two did not do what other brands were doing but decided to give women what they wanted. Don and Adam did a thorough survey through consumer tests and focused groups, and they discovered that most women complained that the gym wear in the market was expensive, ill-fitting, uncomfortable, and of low quality.

When Ressler and Goldenberg co-founded Fabletics, they used Kate Hudson as the face of the company. This was an excellent move for the two entrepreneurs as Kate proved a confident, friendlier, and appealing face that connected the brand to the multitudes. Moreover, Kate Hudson was committed to the media world and possessed great communication skills helping to enhance the brand’s image both online and in person.

At first, Don and Adam went through some glitches in raising capital to finance Fabletics but as soon as they did they managed to overtake the biggest competitor of comfy gym wear; Complexity. Moreover, with Kate as the brand ambassador and a robust online presence that Fabletics had managed to build, they managed to differentiate their brand from other rival companies. Fabletics also put in place a discount pricing system where clients could sign up for Fabletics VIP and pay just $50 monthly and in turn would get discounted clothes, free shipping, and loyalty reward points.

Another aspect that made Fabletics different from its competitors is that it had a quiz which suggested clothing preferences to the client based on her choices and eventually led to a great shopper experience.

Fabletics is happy with what it has so far achieved and plans on expanding its scope. In 2017, the company announced that it plans to introduce a plus-sized ladies category that will offer fashionable gym wear for larger women interested in working out. This is a great move as such trendy gym wear will act as an incentive for larger women to lose weight, get in shape and be healthy.

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