Fabletics-Staying Trendy

Fabletics has grown to become known for being the go-to for your active wear. They offers a VIP service to their members and you will find that you can even get personalized service when you fill out the lifestyle Quiz when you join. Fabletics has manages to compete with Amazon which controls about 20% of the fashion market online and they are now worth $250 million dollars.


Fabletics did not spring up overnight but they decided to grow slowly and steadily. Fabletics got to know their client base and they expand by about 35% every year which is a good progressive expansion for a company. They avoided the more common pop up approach for most new companies and because of their slower expansion they have gotten to better know their customers. About 30-50% of their customers tat shop their stores are already members with another 25% becoming members in-store.


When new members sign up to become members of the Fabletics VIP club they are strongly encouraged to fill out the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz not only helps to give them a more customized shopping experience, but it also helps Fabletics keep in touch with what their customers really want in their active wear.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and keeps a close watch on the sales every week and also what is and is not selling. Then she adjusts her collections accordingly in order to keep her customers happy and to keep items in stock that will sell.


Hudson has recently expanded her clothing lines to include sizes from XXS to 3X so that pretty much anyone will be encouraged to live e more active lifestyle-a goal of Hudson’s. Hudson feels that if you have a cute outfit to look forward to wearing, it will get you motivated to get moving and to become more healthy.


Hudson wanted to start a company that would not only offer a personalized service to her customers but would also offer trendy active wear at a reasonable price. This has proven to be a very successful approach and her company has gained popularity quite quickly. So far Fabletics has attracted 1.2 million members every month and even has 21 million followers on Twitter. Fabletics has 18 retail stores and only continuing to grow in popularity.


Hudson’s approach to growing her company has proven to be very successful and she stays involved by monitoring what is happening with sales and what is popular so she can stay on top pf the trends. There is no special formula to follow when it comes to what will sell, but gathering information on sales and form the Lifestyle Quizzes can really help to narrow down what is more likely to become popular.


Hudson believes in the importance of staying true to your dreams and to yourself and taking risks. Yo will become fearless an will be able to conquer anything if you stay true to yourself and keep trying to live the life that you want.

Black Friday week is still going strong! Shop the sale in stores and online. (Link in bio)

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