Desiree Perez Influence

The music distribution company made for and by artist, Tidal, has been doing well by claiming multiple highly talented and beyond popular musicians, singers, and producers. Tidal has also reached the highest point that has ever been reached in the history on the iTunes Store after the Kanye West “TLOP’ album drop along with his exclusive releases through the Tidal App. This recent success of Tidal can be attributed to the efforts of Desiree Perez. As it turns out the faithful and trusted sage advice of Perez to numerous Tidal associates such as Jay Z, who she has worked with for about 20 years at SC Enterprises, is an example of how far and immersive her knowledge of the music industry goes.  For more, click

Desiree Perez is well-known master when it comes to calculating percentages and directing management in the ways of making a profit as well as advertisement strategies that are sure to turn an even bigger profit. Perez also has a reputation for being an aggressive and very tenacious negotiator, even going as far as take up a position on the board of executive at Tidal with the help of Jay Z. Perez is fully qualified to take up the reigns in an administrative role given her extensive awareness on the inner workings and connections. More on

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Desiree has not only worked with musical celebrities on their songs and publications but also in terms of advertisements and deals with major companies on behalf of said artists. Desiree Perez has been credited on her involvement in the Beyonce and Jay Z visual album “On The Run Tour” of 2014. She’s even had a role in the documentary titled “Change: The LifeParticle Effect” directed by Edwin Kim in 2013. The film won an award and was nominated three times in the Awareness Film Festival.  Check