Success With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard is a great way for people to start their own home based business. People love wine and tend to order more once they have used what they have. The wine guide will find people who want to hold a free wine tasting party at their home or venue. It is expected that the party goers will want to order their own bottle before leaving the party, which will be shipped out by the Traveling Vineyard. The wine guide will make up to 35% of all the profits from the party.

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Plenty of tools are provided to each wine guide, so that they can learn more about the wine business and the wines they are selling. A mentor is assigned to each wine guide, and they will be available to answer questions and teach their team member what they have learned about throwing wine tasting parties. The Traveling Vineyard wants their wine guides to be successful and provides a personalized website for them to market their business to potential party throwers and team members.

The initial cost will include the Success Kit for $189. This will include all the accessories needed and enough wine for two parties. If enough orders are made, a free wine set will be credited for the next party. If not, the wine set for each party will be $75. The personalized website is free for the first 90 days; thereafter it is $15.95 per month. The time and energy spent on the business is decided by the wine guide.

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