Meet Ara Chackerian, a philanthropist, an entrepreneur as well as an investor

There are people in the society who have lived exemplary lives full of creativity, dedication and hard work until they have now become the talk of the day. One of these special people is Ara Chackerian who is the founder of the TMS healthcare solution which is a company that provides a solution with those people suffering from treatment resistant depression. Ara Chackerian is an investor, a philanthropist as well as a successful entrepreneur.

As an investor, Ara Chackerian has invested in a significant number of healthcare companies, for example, he is the managing director of the ASC Capital holdings, and he has invested in many companies concerned with the early stage healthcare services that are committed to improving the health conditions in the United States.


As an entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian has founded many companies one of them being the TMS health acre solution mentioned earlier. He had also had a long experience with his partner where they were working together to develop the outpatient facilities which was the reason they got the idea of TMS by the introduction of the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation which is a device providing solutions to the treatment resistant depressed patients.




He was also the founder of BMC diagnostics among other companies. As philanthropy, Ara Chackerian is interested in teaching others about the environmental conservation. He owns a farm in Limonapa Teak that focuses on the utilization of the best agricultural practices such as reforestation and also talks about environmental sustainability which means utilization of the natural resources in a way that they provide for the present generation as well as cater for the needs of the future generations.  You can visit for additional info.


He has also been supporting some companies and institutions that are focused on the youth development and education. He has a great passion for giving back to the community through the best ways he can. He gives advice and guidance to the youths, also the whole community on the issues concerning the environment among others.

Besides, Ara Chackerian is an educated person, and this is one of the factors that have contributed to being whom he is today. He graduated from Florida State University with a bachelor’s degree in marketing. To see more you can visit



The Force Behind the Unicorns: Doe Deere

You’ve probably already heard of Lime Crime. At the very least, you’ve seen their sparkle-laden products either online or while strolling through the mall. The quirky cosmetics brand is known for their use of fluorescent colors, whether it’s their soft and supple Matte Velvetine line of lipsticks, their Unicorn Hair dyes or their Venus eyeshadow palettes, which are considered a “holy grail” product for many. Well, who’s behind all this pomp and circumstance? It’s none other than the lovely Doe Deere.


Much like her line of cosmetics, her appearance is one of the first things that catches your eye. She is often found sporting vibrant pink hair, a bold lip and thick, full lashes. But there is much more to her than looks, as she also has a bold and imaginative personality that made Lime Crime truly come to life and gain its current cult following. According to Doe, makeup is about more than just the way that you look. Rather, it’s about what feels best and self-expression. With the use of social media, young people are able to express themselves to the fullest and truly embrace what makes them different rather than following the crowd.


Deere was born in Russia but raised in the hustle and bustle of New York City. She started small but over time created a successful company and encourages other women to get into business and entrepreneurship. She also likes to mentor other up-and-coming female entrepreneurs and encourages them to reach out to her on Instagram. When Deere and her team are coming up with a new product it starts with them testing it out themselves and wearing it to make sure that it lives up to the standards of Lime Crime. She is currently very excited about the computer-savvy Generation Z and believes that they will change the future of shopping with the internet. She hopes to continue to innovate and create a quality shopping experience for anyone who loves makeup.


Her Venus line of eyeshadow palettes, which just released the Venus 3, is known for being cool and colorful. The outside of the palette sports a neon Botticelli’s Venus and the colors included on the palettes range from the sultry “muse” to the playful “heavenly” to the grunge-y “marsh.” Doe states that what makes the palette line so popular is its variety and that a single palette can tell a story, rather than just being a random mishmash of color. The latest Venus, the Venus 3, tells a story of purples, lavenders and neutrals, whereas the original Venus emphasized the grunge aesthetic. And this full, rich story is all inside of a single box.


Overall, Doe Deere is passionate, colorful, imaginative and forward-thinking much like her vibrant brand Lime Crime. Her brand continues to create innovative and quirky products that are always at the forefront of the latest online trends in cosmetics. She encourages others to be themselves to the fullest extent much like the unicorns that you see associated with Lime Crime. Learn more:

Dr. Dov Rand: West Orange NJ Bioidentical Hormone Specialist

Dr. Rand has a rejuvenating new approach that goes well beyond all of the recent fad diets (which we’ve all seen to eventually become ineffective where he goes further in depth into what the body truly requires from the inside out). Dr. Rand constructs customized therapies for individuals that include preventing diseases and restoring the health and vitality that patients once experienced in their younger years. Some of this includes balancing of hormones, IV nutrient therapy, medical weight loss, and addressing the difference in gender related weight loss issues.


Bioidentical Hormones

Dr. Rand has held the office of President of Healthy Aging Medical Centers since 2010. Dr. Dov Rand conveys that humans have both good and bad hormones. As each individual ages, the level of bad hormones increase while the good levels decrease. Great improvements in one’s health may be seen when these hormones are balanced. These include increased strength, stamina, energy, and reports of improvement in mood. In terms of medical benefits, there can be improvements such as fewer reports of cancer, lowered cholesterol levels, and lessened susceptibility to heart disease.


IV Therapy Protocols

Blood testing is done in order to establish hormone levels and to search for vitamin deficiencies, as well as a panel of genetic testing. Markers for medical issues such as obesity, cancer, and heart disease are searched for in the blood. Once these items are evaluated, IV nutrient therapy and hormone therapy can be administered in order to establish the optimal balances to the individual.


HCG Medical Weight Loss

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is the hormone the body creates in a pregnant female. This hormone is what helps the embryo develop, but it can also help muscles from deteriorating when an individual is dieting. It has been reported to create higher energy levels, lower insulin levels, a feeling of greater self-confidence, and a refreshed metabolism, all while accelerating weight loss.


Gender Specifications

Dr. Dov Rand clearly acknowledges the different needs of men and women. He offers specialized hormone optimization therapy for males. Both genders can benefit significantly from age management and anti-aging services.


Agora Financial, Independent Publishing Company

Agora Financial is a financial publishing company that gives people looking for financial freedom a breath of fresh air. In the financial industry, finding any company that is completely independent is very difficult. Independent companies are better because they are more reliable and more trust worthy. With an independent company you can have relief knowing that they aren’t being paid by companies to promote their investments. Agora Financial makes it easy to obtain their useful information. Becoming an Agora Financial reader is as easy as going onto their website and subscribing to the content. Agora Financial provides diverse content to their readers. As a reader you will be able to receive content through the mail, books, emails, and newspapers.

Agora Financial is a company that spends tons of money annually in order to fund their research projects. Agora Financial is a unique company because all of their information is retrieved in a hands on manor. Researchers from Agora Financial go out into the field traveling over seas and throughout the United States to find great, fresh, useful content to provide to their readers.

Agora Financial’s team of researchers contain some of the best qualified people. Their team of researchers consists of ivy league university graduates, NY Times Selling Authors, knowledgeable scientist, and many other helpful professionals.

Agora Financial has helped their members save and and gain money as well. The company has predicted some of the biggest financial crisis in the past which helped save and protect their reader’s money in the long run. Agora Financial is defiantly one of the best company to receive financial advice from. They will help you gain money and will protect your funds as well. If you are seeking any financial advice, help, or you are just curious about finances Agora is the best company!

Cancer Treatment Centers of America Teams Up For Prostate Cancer Awareness

The National Football League Alumni, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, and LapCorp are joining forces in an effort to spread awareness of prostate cancer. From September 1st- October 15th they are offering free screenings to the first 2000 men eligible. The remainder could still be seen for only $25, as long as they sign up within the time frame. The men were required to have the screening completed within 6 months of their sign-up date.
Prostate cancer isn’t something to procrastinate with. Men should get checked at 40, especially is they have a high risk. 1 in 7 men are predicted to get prostate cancer, with African-American men having a 70% greater chance.

Prostate Pep Talk will have several speakers talk about their experiences with prostate cancer as part of their campaign. NFL coaches such as Herm Edwards, Dick Vermeil, and Bill Cowher, some NFL players, and Chief of Radiation Oncology Sean Cavanaugh, will be among them. Early screening provides the best defense against prostate cancer and the people behind this campaign want to stress that message.
The campaign will be setting up additional events within cities housing a Cancer Treatment Centers of American hospital. Those cities are Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix, and Tulsa.
Founded in 1988 Cancer Treatment Centers of America specializes in all forms of cancer. All of their facilities employ cancer experts to utilize their leading treatment technologies, including surgery, immunotherapy, and chemotherapy. The centers also offer support therapies that have been shown to help manage cancer side effects.
The CTCA’s goal is to treat the whole individual. The striving of this goal can be seen in their ratings from patients (highly satisfactory) and their accreditation. CTCA has earned awards from prestigious organizations such as the NABPC, the Joint Commission, and American College of Radiology, to name a few.

NuoDB: The New Experience of Cloud Integrated SQL database

NuoDB is the latest development and revolution in SQL database considering its integration with the cloud. The database is an effective choice for cloud-based services as it showcases the flexibility needed for the cloud. The transactional DBMS system is designed to simplify the deployment in the cloud. NuoDB is categorized as new gen SQL database that can ensure improved processing in the cloud environments. It should be noted that various application programs interact with the database using SQL statements.

The SQL database possesses ACID compliance for better transactional reliability similar to a relational database. NuoDB shows a completely different architecture from the relational database approaches, and it comes with a three-tier structure: administrative, storage, and transaction tiers. It divides different data elements into unique software objects known as atoms. The in-memory caches due to durable distributed cache design ensure elasticity required for the cloud platform along with storing data objects safely.

NuoDB Inc., a reputed software vendor, developed and marketed the SQL database for cloud in 2013. The DBMS has got increased popularity in the later years considering the integration of cloud. As of today, eight versions of NuoDB have been released with the latest being 2.6. The database system is used by Alfa Systems, Kodiak, UAE Exchange, and Dassault Systèmes.

Technology Connects Services at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Hundreds of oncologists from across the country have given their input into a new method of keeping physicians informed of effective treatments and options for all kinds of cancers. This is a collaboration of Cancer Treatment Centers of America along with the participation of NantHealth and Allscripts.

This technical cooperation enables physicians nationwide to access the evolving cancer treatment solutions as they become available. The program called Clinical Pathways offers real time options to patients and includes traditional cancer treatments and support therapies that mesh with the treatment protocols of CTCA. Patients and their doctors have access to data relative to cost of implementation, effectiveness of treatment and possible side effects all in one location. As a result of the shared information diagnoses and treatment plans can be put into effect in a timelier manner.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America is a network of five hospitals throughout the United States that provides conventional cancer treatments along with integrative therapies that enhance the quality of life for patients undergoing treatment. Conventional treatments consist of radiation, chemotherapy, surgery and immunotherapy. Integrative supports help patients deal with side effects that result from treatment, such as nausea pain and depression. They receive nutritional support, spiritual support and other aids to well being as desired.

Richard J. Stephenson founded Cancer Treatment Centers of America in 1988. His mother died of cancer, and he had been very dissatisfied with the treatment options and supports available to her. It is a for profit system that has received many rewards. Midwestern Regional Medical Center in Zion, Illinois was the first CTCA. By 2012 four more centers had opened. In 2015 an international concierge office was opened in Mexico City. Patients from the Middle East, the Caribbean and Latin America also have access to the five hospitals in the United States.

Highland Capital Is A Reliable Investment Advisory Firm

Looking for a reputable and reliable investment or financial advisory firm? Need expert assistance on choosing the right investment opportunity for your situation? If you want to be certain you are making a sound investment choice, get in touch with Highland Capital Management.

There are many lucrative opportunities to invest in but you need advisors who have an established history of providing superior investment advice, wealth building and financial planning services.

When it comes to money management, financial planning or investment advisory, it is imperative to consult with professionals.

At Highland Capital Management, investment and financial advisors are available and ready to assist you in making a sound decision. These experts have been advising and guiding clients for a long time and they know what works and what doesn’t. They are fully committed to providing top notch service to clients.

Businesses, organizations and individual investors patronize Highland Capital Management when they need to invest. Numerous clients rely on this reputable firm to help them reach their goals. Highland Capital has the top talent and high quality resources required to meet the needs of their clients.

Professionals at Highland Capital take the time to understand their clients’ situation before making recommendations pertaining to investments. These experts will evaluate your current money management and investment processes and let you know what needs to be changed or improved on. They will work closely with you to design the best investment approach or strategy, and ensure that you pick the right investment vehicle for your situation.

Highland Capital is a renowned company and countless investors turn to them for proper guidance and expert advice. By signing up with Highland Capital, you can learn a great deal about the financial world. You will understand what makes a good investment and how to go about picking the right opportunity that will yield significant returns.

Highland Capital believes in honesty and transparency in all their dealings with clients, and they want to see you succeed. Highland Capital is one of the leaders in the investment advisory field and its team of advisors has exceptional knowledge and vast experience.

Highland Capital Co Founder James Dondero

James Dondero is a leading finance executive and entrepreneur. He is the co founder and president of the leading investment firm Highland Capital Management. His firm specializes in providing collateralized loan obligations and managing a number of debt backed securities. Over the years, James has established himself as one of the top professionals and experts in the field of finance. Prior to starting up his own investment firm, Dondero worked in the finance industry for a number of years. He first worked as a credit analyst and then eventually became the chief investment officer of an investment firm. As well as being very active in the finance industry, James Dondero spends a lot of his time contributing to a number of charitable causes.

At the beginning of his career, James worked at an investment firm where he would hold the position as credit analyst/investor. At this position, James would go over a number of debt backed securities and find ones that will most benefit his firm. He would also make sure that the credit securities the firm invested in were providing the necessary returns. During the next few years, James would move up to higher positions in the industry. Towards the end of his career as an investment firm employee, James served as the chief investment officer. At this position, Dondero would oversee billions of dollars worth of assets for major corporations. This prompted him to start up his own firm by the year 1990.

After working in the finance industry as an employee, Dondero co founded Highland Capital Management. The firm he founded was originally a life insurance company. However, James decided to expand the firm’s services so that it would provide a number of ways to meet the needs of an ever growing client base. Throughout the 90’s, Dondero steadily built the firm into one of the top finance companies in the industry. James made the company offer a number of services such as financial advisory, wealth management and asset management. It would also offer a number of products such as equity securities and hedge funds as well.

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Highland Capital Management Cares about the Community

The Highland Capital Management is an investment adviser that is SEC-registered. The firm together with its affiliates has 15. 4 worth of assets under its management. James Dondero and Mark Okada founded the company back in 1993, and since that time the firm has grown immensely. The firm’s main specialization is credit strategies such as separate accounts, credit hedge funds, long only funds, and collateral loan obligations. Additionally, the firm offers alternative investments options such as long and short equities, emerging markets, as well as natural resources.
The company clients’ base includes corporations, governments, financial bodies, high-net-worth individuals, and public pension plans as well as foundations endowments. The company headquarters are situated in Dallas TX, and there are also offices in other places such as New York, Seoul, Sao Paolo, and Singapore.
Highland Capital Management cares about the community, and its management invests in the locations where the workers live. The firm makes a difference via volunteerism, financial donations to local community firms, and national NGOs. The company is also involved in advisory board affairs. Since 2005, the Highland Capital Management and its partners have given over 10 million dollars to different organizations around the world. Although the firm has a global business platform, James Dondero and the management team focus more of their giving to local affairs as they feel these are more urgent.
Mary Jalonick, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Dallas Foundation, and her team of experts serves as the Highland Capital Management managers of the annual philanthropic funds. James Dondero said that the firm needed help and they landed on the best.