Is Being A Wine Guide A Consistent Job?

Being a wine guide for the Traveling Vineyard company is not a general job. You are working with the company to help promote their products at events and parties. It’s basically a direct sales job that can make you money based off of your efforts. If you are not going after people and potential clients selling, you are going to be missing out on clientele. The key is to be proactive and constantly working towards making money and bringing these products to the people. It’s all about proper marketing and advertising.

Being a wine guide can be very rewarding. You have all the flexibility and time to do your won scheduling, but you do need to be pushing yourself in order to make a decent amount of money and move forward in your career. The best part about this is the fact that you have a whole team ready to help and support you on making the most amount of money possible.

The Traveling Vineyard is a very good company that also gives you the chance to have people work under you. When you bring people into the business and they start selling as a wine guide, you can make money from their sales as well. Think of yourself having an army of promoters just making you huge chunks of cash left and right on top of your very own sales from the wine tasting events that you host. The money you could earn is limitless and the opportunities can open from anywhere.