Trabuco The Traditional Weapon

Trabuco is well known by people who research about the economic activities during the middle ages. Its main purpose was in masonry to crush walls. Many people call it balancing Trabuco, mostly the name differentiates it from other weapons. In countries like Brazil, it usually refers to revolvers or rather the shotguns.

They are usually of a larger caliber and appeared in Muslim and Christian countries located around the Mediterranean sea. People could use Trabuco as a defensive weapon and could target an object that was around 800 meters away with projectiles of about 140 kilograms. Trabuco has invented in China around 400 BC and landed Europe at around 600 AD. People stopped using Trabuco when gunpowder was introduced according to

The first mention of the counterbalance originated from once a famous Muslim scholar. He thought that trabucos were machines invented by things he used to call unbelieving demons. It is, therefore, an indication that during the times of Saladin, the majority of Muslims knew what counterweight was but they did not invent it because they thought that it was demonic. Trabucos to be specific were used to throw destructive items popularly were known as balls. On, the Trabuco was invented by a Chinese called Qiang Shen who worked as a commander of Jurchen Jin dynasty.


The catapult landed the Middle East via the Byzantine Empire and also the Persians. It kept on penetrating into new continents and later spread in all the countries that had war. Other countries that learned about Trabuco are Scandinavia. The Vikings also saw about the counter balance catapult in the reports of the Paris attack. The blunderbuss landed in Italy in the late 12th century. It was also introduced in England in the year 1216. Many army groups mounted trabucos during attacks and therefore it is believed to be the best weapon by then. The majority of those who applied the blunderbuss did not lose in the battle and were believed to be the superpowers by then. Trabucos was rated amongst the best weapons to use during attacks. All countries that applied these weapons during attacks seemed not to retreat but indeed stood to the last minute.

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