Jed McCaleb on Technology and the Future of Blockchain Payments

This world is transitioning at a relatively faster rate and we are barely aware of it. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have cemented their positions as major industrial disrupters especially in finance. For that reason, Jed McCaleb , one of the world’s best programmers and founder of some of the most competent virtual assets believes that understanding this change is incredibly important. As a long time developer of different cryprocurrency programs, Jed McCaleb is of the idea that the cruptocurrency and blockchain platforms will change payments and stock markets.


Background Data

McCaleb is prominent for being a major stakeholder in various crypto organizations and up to date, he has worked with various experts with the aim of achieving one major goal; make life easier for online virtual traders. As the chief technology officer of one Stellar Organization that is focused of the development of cryptocurrency networks made for the payment of cross-border trades, McCaleb’s input in the world of cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored. Recently, he was interviewed by and he categorically stated that the future of blockchain technology rests in the hands of experts and what is more, there is a bright future given the rush with which most investors are interested in the business.

The Future of Blockchains

McCaleb goes on to explain that the future if blockchain rests in universal payments that will often be operated by people. That is why he concludes that a public ledger will suffice in this scenario. Luckily, Stellar, one of Jed’s foundations is working to solve the very same payment issues. Subsequently, the network claims a lesser amount of transaction settlement fee by allowing traders to exchange government currencies like the U.S. dollar as well as the Euro.


The Overview

In addition, McCaleb said that token sales indicate how much the market is not tapped by the financial markets at the moment as the initial coin offerings have currently raised approximately $9 billion in four years.


More on Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is a household name in the programming world. The tech guru owns several inventions including eDonkey and Mt. Gox. Also the owner of Stellar, McCaleb is a revered technologist and futurist whose input in the world of cryptoccurencies is revered. He believes that the future of blockchains and cryptoccurrencies are intertwined.

Grassroots Campaign Tips From NGP VAN

Holding grassroots campaigns can raise awareness as it brings issues and candidates to the forefront of the public eye. Today, it seems more crucial than ever as the public opinion on current issues needs a strong voice. NPG VAN has much to offer in tips to organizers who want to have a successful campaign event.

Field Organizing

The first thing is to identify supporters of your campaign. This can include financial donors, volunteers, and campaign organizers. Next, target the voter population that will support your effort. Create a plan that will carry through the efforts of your volunteer campaigners to your voter population. This can include door to door canvassing, robocalling, direct mailing, local business support, as well as radio and TV ads. It is advised to assign a Field Director with an enterprising support staff. This is especially useful for big events such as campaign rallies and a voter registration push.

Field organizing continues throughout the full campaign with a big focus on the final GOTV (GET OUT TO VOTE) push. Using science and data are critical to a successful campaign while lending a structure to achieve the campaign goals.

How To Set Field Goals

The object is to secure over 50% of the cast votes to achieve a victory. To do that, a Win Number needs to be established. The Win Number is created by the number of votes that will be cast and the margin of those votes that will assure a victory. To accomplish this number, research the last three similar type elections looking at voter turnout. Take into account weather conditions, general or midterm election years, a shift in demographics, and any other changes that may affect an average number.

Find Your Voters

After the Win number has been determined, it is time to turn that number into live voters. Those involved in the campaign should locate voters that will give the most return on voting day with the least use of campaign resources. Using party voter data, using NGP VAN’s software, will allow you to target those voters. Getting those voters to the polls is the final push.

Jason Hope Gives Hope To Young Technology Start-Ups And Humanity

Jason Hope is a futurist, an entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor from Scottsdale, Arizona. Jason hope has a degree in finance from the Arizona State University. He also acquired his MBA from the Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. His focus is on biotechnology, investing in start ups and philanthropy. Earlier in his career, Jason Hope established a mobile communications company. When he is not busy with his businesses, Jason Hope spends his time mentoring high school students in Scottsdale. He also spends that time coming up with various grant programs for entrepreneurs. Jason believes that technology is the future and therefore employs the use of technology in his research and development work.

He has developed mobile apps and desktop software. Has developed gaming software and devices that use technology to make life a little more comfortable in the face of various human conditions. Jason Hope is continually seeking new ways to use technology for the overall benefit of our well-being. As a futurist, Jason Hope studies the technology infrastructure to look out for trends to determine where technology is headed. Because of his ability to predict the progression into the future of technology; he is consulted by businesses and individuals. Jason Hope provides these entities with the guidance they need in making new technological investments or ways of capitalizing in technological advancements.

As an investor in young start-ups, Jason Hope gives young people with high business ideas the opportunity to see their dreams come to fruition. Jason is a believer in raising up a new generation of entrepreneurs. He does this by using his business acumen to shape further the ideas he is presented into profitable business ventures. Jason gives grants to high school seniors and college students to finance great ideas that may well become the next technological breakthrough. Any student in the senior and college years with great plans are eligible for the grants. The designs are submitted through his website where he selects them. For more info about us: click here.

Jason Hope cares deeply about the welfare of his fellow community members. He uses his assets to help local organizations in the Arizona community. He also supports multinational humanitarian organizations which work towards improving the conditions of people and give hope of a better future. Not only does he see fit to provide financial support to groups, but he also uses his influence and resources in whichever way that could be beneficial to these agencies.

Eric Pulier Explains what it Takes to Succeed

Eric Pulier believes that if you are to succeed in life, you must embrace the art of creativity. He then mentions that you can only acquire creativity from non obvious places such as reading books. He also recommends that you should read books that are outside your key area. As for Eric Pulier, he loves books that touch on the human brain. This way, he gets to understand how people reason and why. At the moment, he can only recommend a book by Oliver Sacks called The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat. Like any other successful people, Eric Pulier also has his mentors. He has been mentored by Peter Diamandis. He wants to emulate him as an innovator, humanitarian and as a scientist. For starters, Peter Diamandis is the man behind XPRIZE. He is also the person behind successful ventures such as Planetary Resources and Singular University. Eric Pulier challenges people to read books called Bold and Abundance by his mentor.

Asked about the software he loves most, Eric Pulier said that he is in love with Google docs for its simplicity and collaboration. He suggests that upcoming entrepreneurs should establish dumpling chain that will be operating across the globe. The chain should be referred to as Yumplings. Eric Pulier openly admits that he has made mistakes in his life. He gives an example of how he was tricked to sell technology company that he had funded with his own money. He later realized that the people he sold the company to didn’t keep the promises they had agreed on.

Eric Pulier says that he sees failure as a way of regaining your focus. According to Eric Pulier, one strategy that can help you realize your goals is persistence. He advises people that things will never work out with the first trial. Instead, you have to keep trying. Eric Pulier says that successful people are the people who learned how to adjust and move on. Eric Pulier says that if you are to succeed in life, you must master the art of writing down every idea that comes to your mind. It might take a lifetime before that idea comes back.

About Eric Pulier:

Bob Reina Talks the Path to Success for Entrepreneurs

If you were to sit down across from Talk Fusion CEO and founder Bob Reina you would no doubt be able to get some real insight on what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur. Reina established Talk Fusion in 2007 as an answer to what he saw as a burgeoning video marketing industry that absolutely needed someone to fill that need. As a result, Talk Fusion hit the market at the right time and now a decade later they are still going strong. Let’s leap into a conversation with Bob Reina and learn a little bit more about what drove the company and made them so successful. Learn more:


To start with, Bob Reina knew that if he was going to succeed with Talk Fusion he had to jump into the business and come out running. This meant that as he was developing the initial Talk Fusion offering, Video Email, he was already networking and creating connections with potential clients all around the internet. So, by the time Talk Fusion was ready to officially open their doors he already had a foundation of excitement laid out and ready to help sell his product. The second half of his story for success was that he created a product that was ready out of the gate and offered a real solution to real problems that people were having. Video marketing and communication solutions is a rapidly growing industry that is just about changing the game for companies everywhere. Learn more:


To continue, the reason Bob Reina feels so personally successful is that he believes in the product that he is working with. When you jump into marketing people are going to super intuitive on how you feel about your product. If you don’t buy into it, it just won’t succeed. Reina personally believed from the get go that Talk fusion was the answer and it has shown itself time and time again. Reina has spread this faith down to all of his hard working Talk Fusion Associates as well. That is why the company won some serious industry awards in 2016 and why the look poised for a big 2017, as well. Learn more: