Wilhelmina Model Powerhouse Acquires Heyman Talent-South

The Wilhelmina Modeling agency recently relaunched as the Brown Agency after acquiring Heyman Talent-South. The agency, started in 1967 by Dutch model Wilhelmina Cooper, is one of the largest and most successful modeling agencies in the world.

Before the venture, Heyman Talent-South was already a force to be reckoned with in the Southwest region of the U.S. Together with Wilhelmina, it is now a highly-respected, full-service agency that combines the unique features and strengths of both. The Brown Agency has talent exposure to international brands such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vitton and many other products.

Now that both agencies are working as one, the company will provide a much broader portfolio for models and actors. While Wilhelmina Austin will be headquartered in Texas’ capital city, the company will have a presence in Dallas and Los Angeles. This will provide greater opportunities for all people attempting to break into modeling and acting.

Justine Brown, who headed Wilhelmina Austin before the merger, will be the CEO and president of Heyman Talent-South. Heyman Talent-South founder and former CEO Michael Bonnee will serve as the Brown Agency’s theatrical head.

“We are very excited to see things take shape,” says Justine Brown. “It was always my dream to become a full-service agency.” Brown went on to say that the merger with Heyman Talent-South shows the company’s commitment to strategy and the ability to serve clients. Brown went on to remark how lucky she feels to be heading such an organization. “We will continue to find the best talent available and showcase their incredibly marketable skill set.”

Brown says the commitment is the same that it’s always been, just on a larger scale. Bonnee says he is also thrilled at the strides made by both companies. “Now that we are together, we will be a major industry force,” said Bonnee. The talent and expertise exhibited by both companies is very exciting. I am very proud to be a part of the Brown Agency.”

Financial details regarding the merger have not been made public. A formal celebration to kick off the opening of agency is to happen sometime in December. You can visit their Instagram page.