Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey’s introductory YouTube video on his channel highlights the importance of thinking about the bigger picture; this applies to many facets of life. As it pertains to forex markets and ICO, many Traders only look at quick money and returns of the week. In fact, a major trend running rampant through the trading world of social media today is to follow traders with expensive cars and luxury items, or to subscribe to trading “signals” and alerts. While this surely can be attractive, they all likely know that in the end they will have to rely on their own skills and abilities in the markets to sustain themselves longer term. Taking a steadier approach, Jordan’s life is by design and hard work. Moving from New York to San Francisco as an algo trader in the Financial Services in technology industry, Jordan is a self-taught programmer and systems architecture designer whose approach is more logical than the luxury-touting traders who frequent social media. (See more about Jordan Lindsey on Crunchbase: Jordan Lindsey))



Jordan is the founder of JCL Capital, and he created the first third-party verified algorithm in cryptocurrencies, based on the principle of supply and demand. Lindsey’s dream is to create a self-funding charity that helps better the world, and as a family man with a beautiful wife and three beautiful children, Jordan is constantly looking at the world around him to understand the ways in which things affect us both logically as well as emotionally. He loves to learn everything he can around him, and once watched the Steve Jobs movie “Jobs” on repeat for months on end, 20 minutes a time, in order to better grasp the mindset behind one of the greatest innovators of our century. See This Page for more information


Having lived in Argentina, Mexico, and Bosnia-Herzegovina where he met his wife he met his wife Giovanna, living abroad with his family has afforded him a broader perspective on life which helped him to create the first 100% transparent cryptocurrency trading bot for a lending program


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Little You Probably Didn’t Know About Greg Secker and his Journey with the Greg Secker Foundation

As professional advisors often say, succeeding in business is influenced by many factors among them being individuals involved in leading the venture. It is evident that the successful entrepreneurs are always open-minded to allow them the ability to tap into new opportunities whenever they come their way. Greg Secker is among the few entrepreneurs who saw an opportunity coming his way and went straight ahead towards it making a considerable income.


Greg Secker is a respected individual in the investment sector. The talented investor is the founder of the Greg Secker Foundation, a subsidiary company of the Knowledge to Action Group. In an interview with Inspirery, Greg Secker revealed that he realized that people were facing many difficulties trying to understand trading, the idea behind his foundation. Therefore, the talented investor came up with a platform that could enlighten people on trading tactics hence improving their livelihoods and that is how his organization was born.


Greg Secker is well versed in the trading business and is always willing to share his tips to the outside world that is breaking down the venture from the compound state to a simpler state that which individuals can easily comprehend. In the interview with Inspirery, Greg boasted that understanding how to invest and knowing the perfect timing have both been the tricks to earn his money. With his experience in trading, Greg took about six months to achieve profitability. However, he boldly accepted that he was making real money as opposed to the corporate world.


Since establishment, Greg and his foundation have remained focused on providing the top tips to its clients. In fact, Greg told Inspirery that his first customers were his friends who were keen enough to notice his achievements hence come knocking his door to borrow ideas and that’s how his foundation thrived.


About Greg Secker

Greg Secker was born on February 1975. Today, in the world of business, Greg Secker is commanding, and many people term him as a master trader. Globally, Greg is recognized as a distinguished speaker in a field that he is well informed. Over and over again, the talented investor has been involved in charitable activities as a way of giving back to the society.


In 2003, the successful CEO launched the Knowledge to Action Group. The group is the mother to several companies such as The Greg Secker Foundation, Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, and Learn to Trade, all which work together to impact success in trading. Greg’s career journey began when he started working at Thomas Cook Financial services where he served for a couple of years before leaving to join the foreign exchange business.