Telereal’s Graham Edwards and The Robust Methodology That Encourages Generosity Among His Workers

In a world that’s becoming more divided and shockingly atomized, it helps to find tricks, heuristics and survival shortcuts that can increase one’s ability to weather the storms. One of the few brave men today who has the interest, skills, and luck to face the global challenges is Graham Edwards, the CEO of Telereal Trillium. His dynamic personality is an asset in a world where executives that initiate policies are heartless, faceless and callous against the reality of their surroundings. Graham Edwards stands out because he knows that his work should have to go beyond that if it is meaningful.


The Reach and Power of Trillium

It can’t be denied that the largest privately operated property firm today in the UK region is Telereal Trillium. It is the company that’s been deemed by many as the most powerful in scope and scale. The one thing that makes Telereal stand out, though, is not from a top-bottom approach, but because of the voice of its people that is passionate in upholding a culture of corporate excellence. Also, this level of success would not have been possible if it weren’t for the diligent involvement of Graham Edwards.


The Donation Matching Scheme

It is through robust and smart business methods that one can achieve the highest level of positive impact on the people. In the case of Graham Edwards Telereal and Telereal, this methodology is in the form of its Donation Matching Scheme. This non-profit social improvement project has been fantastic in delivering the right service and assistance to the right people. No wonder this is one of the most successful corporate social responsibility projects that Telereal has initiated.

This donation system is also intelligent in the way that it matches the donation of the employees to the amount to be donated by the upper management of the company. This way, more people will get the benefit, and the collaboration between the company and its employees would grow. As a result, when the program was just in its initial phase, there was only about £500 as the maximum donation, but now there’s already £2,500 as its limit.