End Citizens United On Point To Raise $35 Million For The 2018 Congressional Elections

End Citizens United is raising big money thanks to its well-wishers and grassroots supporters. The PAC aims to drive out big money from the US political scene to create a fair playing ground for everyone. The group collected over $4 million within the first months of 2017 and expected to raise over $35 million before the 2018 Congressional midterm elections.

If the PAC is successful in its fundraising drive, it will surpass the $25 million that it received during the 2016 presidential elections. At least 100,000 people donated to End Citizens United in the first quarter of 2017 according to Tiffany Muller, its President and Executive Director. She added that about 40,000 people were first-time donors.

Muller further said that the average contribution End Citizens United received in 2017 hit $12. The PAC has received such overwhelming support because most of its donors feel that the present political system favors the wealthy. This is because those with the deepest pockets get the biggest say. The Pac’s leaders reiterate that their sole goal is to facilitate the election of campaign-finance reform champions into Congress.

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Adding to the donation momentum was the fact that Democrats are still furious that Donald Trump won the presidency. As a result, they are ready and willing to fight back by opposing his agenda and nominations including that of Judge Neil Gorsuch as Supreme Court pick.

Support for Democrat Jon Ossoff

In recent weeks, the PAC has urged its donors to contribute $500,000 to help Democrat Jon Ossoff’s congressional campaign. Ossoff is running as a first-time candidate in Georgia. The 30-year-old politician surprised many in the political scene after raising over $4 million during the special election held on April 18 to fill a vacant Atlanta Republican House seat previously held by Tom Price, the Human Services Secretary.

Muller added that End Citizens United is still considering the races it will actively engage in next year. However, it could play a huge role in defending the seats of Democratic senators Jon Tester (Montana) and Sherrod Brown (Ohio). The PAC cannot accept any donations above $5,000 from one individual donor. Despite the donation cap, it was able to raise millions of dollars in 2016.

The Lawyer behind Citizens United

Lawyer James Bopp was laughed out of court in January 2008 after presenting a case filed by his client Citizens United, a conservative non-profit. Bopp wanted his client granted the freedom to air a film titled Hillary: The Movie during the then Democratic presidential primaries. Bopp used the first amendment bill to argue that the nonprofit had the right to air the film but was laughed out of court by Judge Royce Lamberth.

Two years later the Supreme Court reversed Judge Lamberth’s ruling consequently wiping out 100 years of campaign-finance law precedent.

James Bopp Fights A Legal Battle For End Citizens United And Is Triumphant

James Bopp is an attorney from Indiana who went to court in 2008 to argue on behalf of his client End Citizen United. The organization had a film showing Hilary Clinton as a political schemer and believed they had the right to air the film. Their rights were first denied by the Federal Elections Commission because they claimed it was a campaign with no identification in relation to how it was financed. Although James Bopp cited the first amendment protections he was laughed out of court.

The laughter ended after two years when the ruling was reversed by the Supreme Court. The arguments of James Bopp changed 100 years worth of decisions in the laws pertinent to campaign financing. The decision in 1976 stated spending money on a campaign was a type of speech and under the First Amendments protection. Due to End Citizens United and James Bopp this decision was extended to cover corporations. Preventing corporations from spending money to defeat or support candidates of their choosing was deemed unconstitutional. James Bopp spent years on a case nobody believed he could win yet he did not stop there. He is currently trying to dismantle the regulations surrounding financing campaigns. Although these cases seem preposterous, so did the case he won in 2008. His litigation is aimed at federal and state campaigns.

End Citizens United has begun to raise a lot of money on their own. They have already raised $4 million of the expected total of $35 million for 2018. Thousands of people have already made contributions to their campaign to elect individuals interested in reforming campaign financing. The fury of the Democrats regarding President Trumps agenda and choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court is fueling the fire. The potential contributors of End Citizens United have received a lot of encouragement to support the Democrat Jon Ossoff. Although the specifics of which races will be supported in 2018 by End Citizens United is currently unknown the belief is they will defend Jon Tester and Sherrod Brown in 2018.

End Citizens United derived their name from a 2010 ruling by the United States Supreme Court. The decision allowed corporations to make donations in the election of candidates. This fueled the launching of Super PAC’s since there were no longer any restrictions placed on their spending. End Citizens United falls into the category of a traditional PAC so the amount of their donations is limited. Despite these limits they reached the highest ranks among the groups in support of the Democrats in the last election. The aggressiveness of End Citizens United was mentioned by the Huffington Post and concerns regarding the way they collect their cash for politics was mentioned.