Unmasking the Amazing Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is an Israel native that is the co-founder of the Israeli-American Council and the Adam Gila Milstein Family Foundation is also founded by him. He is the managing partner who deals with all operations of Hager Pacific Properties and an author at the Jewish News Syndicate (JNS). He is the chair of the board at the Israeli-American Council. In 1978, Adam graduated from the Technion with a degree in Business and Economics after serving during the Yom Kippur war in the IDF. He moved in search of greener pastures to the United States in 1981 where he got his MBA in Business from the University of Southern California.

Adam Milstein is a strong leader and a devoted humanitarian especially towards the Jewish community and more so the nation of Israel. He and his wife founded his organization in 2000, and it has helped many people since its formation. In his way of improving the Jews, Adam Milstein writes his thoughts and opinions on Jewish News Syndicate giving suggestions and recommendations of what should be done in certain situations. In his recent post, Adam Milstein talked of anti-Semitism has been growing radically especially with the increase in the number of radical how Muslims. He condemned North America and Europe for turning a blind eye on the unrealistic ideologies just because they have a universal hatred for the influence the western side has globally especially freedom of speech. Adam Milstein has accused the west of being self-interested for labeling Israel the cause of problems in the Middle East and oppressors of the Muslims yet they were the ones who caused havoc by oppressing women, bombing now and then among other injustices. He even quoted events and incidences where anti-Semitism was promoted yet nothing was done concerning it, but instead it was supported.

Adam Milstein continued to say that radical Muslims have only one goal in mind and that is to delegitimize the home of the Jewish people. The Radical Muslims are seeking to align themselves with the left so that they can destroy the western values which are the foundation values of Israel and America thus destroying any form of democracy Israel has.


How Gregory James Aziz has helped in Improving National Steel Car’s Profitability

Gregory James Aziz is a top Canadian businessman and philanthropist who is acknowledged for his efforts in National Steel Car’s success. He is the firm’s owner, CEO, and also chairs its board of directors. National Steel Car is North America’s oldest manufacturer of railroad freight cars. Its factory is located in Hamilton, Ontario. Aziz attended the Ridley College and pursued an economics degree at the University of Ontario.

James Aziz’s family owns Affiliate Food, which is a renowned firm that imports and wholesales food stuff. He worked for the company as from the 1970s and was its manager for 16 years. Greg greatly assisted in transforming the enterprise into an international business. Affiliate Foods bought commodities from South America, South Africa, and different part of Europe. It then sold most of its product in the U.S and Eastern Canada.

The entrepreneur served Affiliate Foods until 1987 when he joined the investment banking sector. His career was a success, and he bought National Steel Car in 1994. The railroad freight vehicle manufacturer’s production and revenue were low at that time. Greg Aziz has managed to grow the company into the best brand of its kind in North America. The firm has a talented workforce that comprises of top engineers in the industry. His outstanding management skills helped in raising National Steel Car’s production from 3,500 to 12,000 within five years. The company also increased the number of employees from 600 to 3000.

The railroad freight cars that are manufactured by Gregory J. Aziz’s company use the latest technology. Its excellent standards enabled it to earn the ISO 9001:2008 certification. National Steel Car has also been awarded as the best firm in the industry for 18 consecutive years. Its high-quality products enabled it to win the TTX SECO award in 1996. The company is now focused on selling its cars to the international markets. Greg has excellent business skills and has enabled the company to meet the needs of its customers.

Apart from his achievements as a businessman, Aziz is a celebrated philanthropist. His company supports communities on Hamilton in different ways. It donated money to help in constructing Theatre Aquarius. Gregory is also a benefactor to the Salvation Army, the Royal Agriculture Winter Fair, the United Way, and the Hamilton Opera. He mobilizes National Steel Car’s employee to support local food drives. The firm celebrates Christmas with all its current and former employees annually.


George Soros – An Amazing Man who Has Lived an Amazing Life

George Soros is a financial wizard, and has made his mark on the world. Soros has an interesting take on life, society, and history. Having escaped the cruelty of the Nazis in his lifetime gives him a unique perspective. He sees oppression springing from the need to push the philosophy of ultimate truth.

Since so-called ultimate truth is beyond mankind’s reach, societies can only push these ideologies by resorting to oppression. People have different views, and in an open society, it is the role of certain institutions to work to help people to live together in peace.

He also believes he has an answer to why no one has access to the ultimate truth. The reason being is that our own perceptions form our individual realities. They also affect the events that we all choose to participate in. Thus, no two people will come to terms with an absolute definition of truth. Their truth is always subject to change. Learn more about his profile at washingtontimes.com.

In an article by Politico in 2016, Politico describes the emergence of Soros as an advocate for Democratic Party principles. As a result, he has donated millions to nonprofits and organizations like the American Bridge 21st Century, and to a host of Democratic Party committees. He has also donated to a super PAC called Immigrant Voters, which hopes to increase voter turnout among Latinos.

Today, Soros believes that democracy is in a crisis. His belief is that the world’s greatest democracy, the United States, elected an administration that may affect the nation’s ability to positively influence democracy initiatives around the world. The weakening of the country will result from a philosophy that wants to make deals rather than defend principles.

George Soros heads up Soros Fund Management. His firm invests in fixed income and public equity markets across the world. He also looks to invest in start-ups and build-ups. Soros Fund Management is based in New York, New York. Not many people could survive what Soros has lived through. His philanthropic and business activities are the result of having lived through one of the most horrific periods in the history of the world. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Greg Secker shares his exceptional trading skills to help others succeed

Greg Secker is an extremely successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who shares his expertise with others as a master trader with speaking engagements both nationally and internationally. Among his very significant accomplishments include the founding of the Knowledge to Action Group in 2003.

The Knowledge to Action Group includes Smart Chart Software, Capital Index, Learn to Trade, and The Greg Secker Foundation. These companies and organizations work cooperatively together to educate people in how to improve their lives by excelling in trading.

Mr. Secker recently sat down for an interview with Inspirery, answering questions relevant to his career successes and decisions he’s made along the way.

As a skilled trader, he noted that he observed people struggling to begin trading with ease. With some people not able to obtain the right education due to cost, he wanted to provide tools to those individuals to be able to trade, particularly in foreign transactions, at low risk.

He went on to expand a bit further on how he makes his money, developing programs like Learn to Trade and his foundation. Leaving the corporate world at age 27, he initially began to teach family and friends about trading in the Forex market.

He admitted that, in spite of the fact that the time it took to become profitable was short (three to six months), there were times when he did indeed want to give up. When he felt this way, he took a look back and made assessments of the steps he had taken thus far along the way, figuring out where things may have went wrong. From this self-evaluation, Learn to Trade was founded. Their webinars and workshops went on to educate people to go through similar situations Mr. Secker did without having to encounter similar trial and error situations.

Greg Secker started in business at Thomas Cook Financial services, moving to create a new business, The Virtual Trading Desk. Shortly thereafter, he became Vice President of Mellon Financial Corporation. With having learned a great deal of trading in national and international trading, he went out on his own and founded Learn to Trade in just three months.


The News Dick DeVos Broke About His Philanthropy After Wife Betsy’s Selection To Be Education Secretary

Dick DeVos is a business investor, philanthropist and even a former political candidate who is well-known in the state of Michigan’s political circles and from time to time makes national headlines. His wife Betsy, who is a leading spokesperson for private education made big headlines when she was selected to President Donald Trump’s cabinet as Secretary of Education, and in the confirmation hearing the DeVos’s were pressed on their philanthropy. They made known that their lifetime giving was an astounding $139 million, only a part of of the entire DeVos family’s charity which is estimated to be over $1 billion in lifetime giving.


Contrary to popular belief, while Dick and Betsy DeVos have supported many candidates in both the state and national Republican Party, only a small amount of that $139 million went to any campaigns. It has gone to think tanks, political volunteer groups, and heritage organizations including Action Institute, the Constitutional Society, Heritage Foundation and Hudson Institute. And other civic organizations such as the Mackinac Public Policy Center and Grand Action Committee have also benefited from the DeVos’s charity, but the organizations who have benefited the most are private, charter and even a few public schools.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have made it their mission to try and help as many families as possible afford private schools, having seen how many could barely afford to do so while they were sending their own children to these schools. They helped bring in support for these families through the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation’s partnership with Education Freedom Fund and Children First America. But on top of scholarship programs they also have worked to establish legislative reforms and also have more private and charter schools built. In 2010 they had a charter school that is open to the public built at the Gerald Ford Airport in Grand Rapids where students have an aviation and high-tech curriculum known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy.


Dick DeVos’s primary business is the Windquest Group, a company he founded on the side while still working at his family’s company Amway Corporation. The Windquest Group is a holdings company for many Michigan-owned businesses that include The Stowe Company, Boxed Water, Huron Ventures, Electratherm and recently Coppercraft Spirits. Before and after founding The Windquest Group, Dick DeVos was an executive at Amway where he started in upper management positions after graduating with a business degree from Northwood University. He was President of the NBA’s Orlando Magic for a few years when he and his father Richard DeVos Sr. purchased controlling shares in the franchise. He was CEO of Amway Corporation from 1993 to 2002. Dick DeVos is also the honorary recipient of the Art of Giving award from Spectrum Health and the author of Rediscovering American Values.


The Corporate Philanthropist, George Soros’ Views on the Present Global Situation

George Soros is a multi-billionaire investor and hedge fund manager with a benevolent nature. George Soros is a philanthropic individual of the corporate world with strong moral views related to the current situations in the world, particularly the United States.

An online article released by Portia Crowe through the Business Insider on the 19th of January, 2017, reported that George Soros had made a recent statement expressing his concerns over the future of America and the rest of the world with the President-Elect of the United States, Donald Trump. He had restated his belief that he is a deceptive leader on a journey to be a dictator for his nation. This statement was made on the Thursday of that week at an event in Davos, Switzerland that held the prestigious World Economic Forum on Politico. Soros expressed Trump’s form of government to be a “mafia state.” He expressed concern over an uncertain future with Trump as his policies appear to be incongruous with each other. He believes Trump’s actions are unpredictable as his policies were rather formed by his advisors than himself who appeared to be more enthusiastic about building his personal brand. Despite his strong apprehension over a failing president and a failing nation, George Soros believes that the worst case scenario will be averted with the strong institutions of the United States still in existence today.

In a recent article posted by the Business Insider on the 24th of January, 2017, George Soros himself had shared his best wishes with the world that he believes is in grave “trouble” due to Trump’s victory on discoverthenetworks.org in the recent election of the US. He mentions that the world is growing closer to adopting a closed society rather than the open society history had once battled and won over. Being a holocaust surviving Jewish individual who was once persecuted, George Soros defined an open society to have a leader who would protect the best wishes and welfares of his voters while a closed society to have a leader who would manipulate his voters into fulfilling his personal wishes and his supreme wellbeing. He expressed discontentment in finding that the elite leaders who were once elected to have disappointed their voters to such an extent that they had to end up voting for Trump in major numbers on Snopes. Soros expressed disappointment that the voters seem to display a loss of hope in regards to democracy and instead opt for a potential dictator like Trump. Still, he believed that the voters in America would awaken democracy soon when they realize the actual scenario with Trump in power.

George Soros had pledged over $10 million recently to battle the rapidly growing hate crimes in the United States. He believes Trump’s recent emergence of power was the key stimulator of the recent unfavorable situation in the US.

National Chair of the Israeli-American Council, Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein, an Israeli-American, is a real estate entrepreneur, philanthropist and the National Chairman of the Israeli-American Council. He is also the co-founder of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation whose function is to provide philanthropic and charitable to various organizations to strengthen the American-Israeli relationship, the Jewish people and the state of Israel. The charitable services offered by the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation are in the form of partnership development, consultations, and fundraising aimed at helping programs which deal with Jewish continuity, Jewish education, and Pro-Israel advocacy.

Adam’s Family Foundation adheres to three essential principles. The first is the impact on life. The organization raises funds and creates organizations which cater to the needs of people of all ages. Programs are developed for the childhood, adolescence and the various stages of adulthood, which means that they focus on a target audience. The second is activeness in their philanthropy. The foundation has experienced staff which is almost always involved in a charitable service at any given time. Lastly, Adam’s organization also offers consultations to help other charitable organizations make connections with non-profit organizations and work towards common goals.

Adam Milstein was born to Eva Milshtein and Hillel Milshtein in Haifa, Israel. Hillel immigrated to Israel from Argentina in 1948 while Eva immigrated to Israel from Mexico in 1949. Adam spent his early years at Kiryat Motzkin and Kiryat Yam and in 1971 joined the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and was among the soldiers fighting in the Yom Kippur war of 1973. After serving in the Israeli Army, Adam joined the Technion (Israeli Institute of Technology) and in 1978 graduated with a Bachelor’ Degree in business and economics.

While is college, he joined his father in expanding the real estate business.IN 1974 he tied the note with Gila Elgrably. Seven years later they migrated with their two daughters to the United States, where one more daughter was born to them. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of South California (LA). Milstein’s posts on social media are a reflection of his deep connection to the state of Israel. He is dedicated to ensuring that the great Israeli-American relationship is upheld and Jewish people make it in life.

For more information please visit http://hasbarafellowships.org/milstein-aishla