Jeffrey Aronin’s Mission for the Future of Pharmaceutical Advancement

Paragon Biosciences specializes in providing research and financial-based assistance to companies focused on the development of pharmaceuticals. With thirteen Food and Drug Administration approvals over the last ten years, Paragon stays committed to providing their clients with the latest innovative solutions. Connecting their client companies with the expertise of Paragon’s associate professionals is the on-going effort in the development of new medications. Clinical trials of experimental applications are among the top of the industry’s platforms for collecting data. As the advancement in science and technology continues into the future, Paragon will continue to push the envelope in discovery and align emerging bio-pharmaceutical entrepreneurs with those individuals who have the knowledge to help them succeed.


Paragon Biosciences

Paragon Biosciences was founded by Jeffrey Aronin and he currently holds the title of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. He was educated at Northern Illinois University where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. He would later attend DePaul University, receiving his Masters in Business Administration. Jeff Aronin regularly gives speeches at the University of Chicago’s Business School as well as Northwestern University’s School of Management, where he also conducted his post-graduate studies as well. His entrepreneurial endeavors have led to a multitude of chairman positions with companies that Paragon sponsors including Castle Creek and Harmony Pharmaceuticals, along with Harmony Biosciences among others. Jeffrey Aronin would later be appointed by then Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel to World Business Chicago, which was an organization developed to assist in the efforts of creating more employment and economic prosperity to the population in the area.


Company Principles

Paragon breaks down their strategy by implementing basic fundamental principles. The first principle is the identification of the ailment effecting the patient and what treatments are currently available. Paragon pushes their client companies to focus on these individuals with proven clinical methods of the past combined with innovative development of the future. The second principle is the construction of the platform that brings these life-saving medicines to the population. The time frame of development for clinical trials and the availability of these critical medications is often a long process from start to finish. The third and final principle is the actual development of the product. Building the framework of connecting brilliant minds with the people who can make their insights a reality is only one aspect of the process. The second part is actually being able to construct a viable product that is safe to the consumer and effective in its chemical compound. This aspect will greatly reduce the time needed to bring about the life-saving medicine needed to those individuals who desperately need it.