Clayton Hutson Offers Budget-Friendly Turn Key Show Production

Playing an important role in the successful performances of the music industry’s biggest names makes Clayton Hutson a big name as well. He has been instrumental in the concerts of many pop singers and famous rock bands of today. Hutson has functioned as a live sound engineer and production manager of the concert performances of many music stars. He knows every intricate detail and the problems confronting concert performances and their solutions. He is now the head of his own professional group offering professional services in the music industry.



His expertise in live sound engineering and concert production management includes logistics and management, rigging and stage management, show production, production design, and monitor engineering. Hutson’s company offers a budget friendly arrangement with his clients because it is on a turn-key basis. That is why more and more clients are choosing him over his competitors. It doesn’t matter what kind of event is at hand, Hutson can provide all the sound and stage equipment requirements because his company offers a one-stop-shop solution. That means any event can be organized and held faster, safer and cheaper. Hutson’s experience as a live sound engineer and show producer is over 25 years proving that his talent and skills in this industry is worth every penny that he is asking.



Hutson’s interest in music started when he was a child and he has spent his lifetime working in the music industry. His love for music led him to make a career out of it. Among the famous singers whom he has worked with in the past include Kelly Clarkson and other biggies. He has also worked with famous rock bands like Garbage, Pink and Guns N’ Roses. Working with luminaries in the music industry is only one of the strengths of Hutson. He is also well-known for his talents in designing and testing of high-end stage and audio equipment. Hutson has an important role in the introduction of the very first DIGICO SD11 sound console in the market. He partnered with Aaron Lewis, Staind’s founder and front man, for this project.



Lewis and Hutson also worked together in 2011 producing the former’s country solo album. This is a stripped-down album that features Lewis’ various tours including performances in a casino, a live concert in a stadium with 50,000 seats, and gigs in churches and honk-tonks across the country. It is customary for Hutson to play many roles simultaneously during performances. He sometimes functioned as the FOH/.Monitor Engineer, or worked as a tour manager and production manager. Learn more: