Success On Upwork Defined By Your Efficiency

What makes a good to-do list? One that allows you to get work done and focus on the task at hand instead of the tasks you have yet to complete? If you’re working with clients on Upwork, this could make or break your success.

A list like this would include everything you need to get done, and not just, so you get them done, but also to help clear your mind. That way, when you are sitting down to get a task done, you’re not focused on what you haven’t gotten done because it’s already down on paper, sort of speak.

Those more significant tasks, don’t simply add them to your list, break them apart. This will make them more manageable as well. Most importantly, you want to compose your list the night before, not the morning of. This will keep you productive and maybe even help you sleep more soundly.

Everything on your list, your mind is clearer, what’s next?

Go through and label each task with essential details like due dates, when you will start them, or estimations of how long it will take you to complete them. Easy stuff, but having these down on paper will help you to gauge progress. Better yet, when you go to re-evaluate, you can also better prioritize and re-organize your list as needed.

Speaking of prioritizing, having these labels will also help in being more efficient by allowing you to batch process. Let’s say you see you have one or two notable phone calls in the morning to make, well, why not make all the phone calls you have, one after the other. That way you can spend that time later on completing something else on your list. Knowing how much time it’ll take you to do specific tasks will also help you to better batch process, and knock off those little bits one by one.

It’s a good idea to have a list that works for you. With Upwork you have access to over $1 billion in jobs, and there’s no doubt you should do everything in your power to be efficient, starting with your to-do list.

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