The New Fad in Betting: College Basketball

College level basketball is soon becoming one of the most sought after sports with one of the most betting opportunities for people looking to gamble. With over two hundred teams, and the March Madness soon approaching the average number of games played per week during the season is easily around three hundred.

This gives people betting on these teams a wide selection to choose from as well as the chance to bet on a team every day for a long period. But the truth is, just because of the sheer amount of teams playing in college level basketball, it becomes hard to keep up with all the metadata of every team and player. A good plan for the basketball season is to discern what you wish to focus on throughout and stick to that plan.

This season, as four of the top ranked teams which they competed against have been knocked off, Butler has attained the prestige of being known as a giant-killer. The Butler Bulldogs are a college level team belonging to Butler University in Indiana. They are currently at rank 13 on the charts. They will further be getting an opportunity to prove that they are truly deserving of the title, first of which will be with the encounter against No. 8 Creighton.

Shocking hindrances aside, the Butler Bulldogs have managed to bag some wins over reputed opponents, one of which was against no.16 Arizona. The Bulldogs enjoyed home triumphs over former No. 1 Villanova and 22nd rank Cincinnati, emerging to be one of the most sought after and betted upon teams in the college level basketball scene.

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