All in One with Magnises

Billy McFarland is the CEO of Spling and the Founder and CEO of Magnises as well as a technology entrepreneur, He was born in New York City and attended Bucknell University which is situated in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania where he pursued computer engineering. He later dropped out to follow his technology business expertise. He started his first company at the age of 13 as a teenager.

In August 2013 he founded Magnises, hence formally launching the card on March 1, 2014 targeting to generate a special black card that is technology established, subscription perks and community-oriented that can increase daily in life, its associates and petition to the millennial generation.

A Crunchbase article said that Billy McFarland wants to assist and form a perfect network. By using Magnises card one can get discounts at bars, clubs or restaurants and luxurious gateways and private concert which are reserved. Magnises emerged with various business partners in New York City some are Restaurants La Esquina and Catch, spin studio Cyc and Goldbar.

Members who travel to the Hamptons with Blade on a helicopter can get discounts. More than 6,000 members pay $250 yearly to have the black card, Magnises have a mobile app that assists members to choose an activity and immediately access to the arrangements.

Employed professionals who are aged between 21 years old and 35 years old, mostly working in companies like technology, fashion and finance are the Potential members and they must fill an online application to be accepted by the Magnises group before they can formally join.

McFarland unites business into the Magnises familiarity, therefore they search for members who can give back.

Magnises Hotel host many of their occasions on Rivington on the Lower East Side for instance members can use the buildings to have meetings in daylight if they want or work. In 2015, it had more than10, 000 members and its capital raised to $3million.