The Fight Against Cancer: Clay Siegall vs The Competition

Cancer is one of life’s most prevalent diseases in the world today. It comes in many forms within the body in areas such as lungs, throat, liver, or prostate. In years of the past this deadly illness was almost untreatable and the medications that were being used such as Chemotherapy, actually made the patients feel even sicker. That was cancer treatment of “yester-year” and currently to date, more advanced medications are doing a far better job and is saving many more lives. Cancer Treatment is being provided all of the world, but Seattle Genetics is at the forefront of this specific field.

Seattle Genetics has some of the best features for being ranked so high on a list that’s full of successful companies. It has advanced treatments, experience, growth, and leadership. This leadership comes in the form of Dr. Clay Siegall. The George Washington University Graduate has extensive knowledge and a Ph.D in Genetics. He’s a brilliant thinker and takes the correct actions that are needed for staying at the top spot. The company has grown substantially with Clay Siegall as it’s (CEO) and President unlike other companies. Staying relevant and “in the know” is how this Bothell, Washington organization maneuvers and it’s game changing drug (ADCETRIS), is one of the most commonly used cancer fighting medication on the market today. Unlike many other company leaders, Clay Siegall doesn’t need the spotlight to get his point across as the company’s antibody based therapies does all the talking by providing positive results. He’s known in the industry as a philanthropist, scientist, and specialist.

Forbes Magazine announced that Seattle Genetics was one of the country’s fastest growing companies of 2016 and with such growth, Vice President Joe Biden has made a visit to company headquarters. With more than 800 employees on the team, Seattle Genetics is one of the Puget Sound Area’s biggest employer. Even with the huge success of (ADCETRIS), Seattle Genetics has 12 more drugs in it’s development pipeline and Dr. Clay Siegall controls them all.