Talos Energy Sees New Opportunities with Mexico Promising

As talks emerge about tariffs on steel and aluminum, there are concerns about the commitment that the United States has towards the NAFTA agreement. Even though President Trump has openly talked about adding tariffs to the industry, he recently tweeted that he may be reducing tariff rates for Canada and Mexico if they are willing to negotiate a new NAFTA deal.There have been talks about changes being made to the NAFTA agreement between the United States, Canada, and Mexico. There are concerns that this may strain relations between these countries. The United States currently gets Its oil from both Canada and Mexico and sells natural gas and fuel back to them.

It is important to mention that Canada is the largest supplier of crude oil to the U.S.In the last decade, the U.S. has become one of the largest Natural Gas producers and has also become one of the largest oil producers. This is a result of hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling. At the same time, Canada and Mexico’s production of gas and oil have been declining in oil output.There is a long history between NAFTA, the United States, Mexico, and Canada. Mexico continues its progress in the energy sector and is looking to engage private investors.

Mexico has been prosperous in acquiring significant amounts of capital from other companies such as Talos Energy, and ENI.If changes do happen to the NAFTA agreement, Mexico may have to become dependent on its own resources for oil. However, there have been recent developments in Mexico which have introduced new opportunities for all three of the countries. Unfortunately, any changes made to the NAFTA agreement could cause problems for these new-found opportunities. Many of the experts believe the new arising opportunities will deter any alterations made to the NAFTA agreement and as a result will keep the three countries together as they have been in the past.

David Zalik Continues to Grow GreenSky Credit

Owning a home is one of the best ways that the average person can build long-term wealth. When people are looking to improve their home, one great option would be to consider a home renovation or addition. If you are looking to build onto your home, you may find that it is difficult to get financing from a traditional letter. However, there is one online lender that is making it much more convenient and easy to complete your major home renovation projects.

GreenSky Credit is it growing organization  that currently provides online loans to people who are looking to complete major remodels, renovations, expansions, and repairs to their homes. This company is able to provide a unique financing solution that can be applied for online. Over the past few years, the company has continued to grow and is now one of the leaders when it comes to online lending to the residential real estate industry.

Ever since the company was founded, GreenSky Credit has been run and managed by its CEO David Zalik, who has a unique background that is giving him a good perspective for growing the company. David Zalik saw a strong opportunity to provide capital to a current under-served market. Many people that would like to improve their homes do not have the personal capital and cash necessary to do so. Through the services provided by GreenSky Credit, it is now possible for the average consumer to obtain some form of credit.

Now that GreenSky Credit is continuing to grow and flourish, David Zalik is looking for new ways to grow the firm. David Zalik is reportedly working with investment bankers to build out a new IPO that could be used to take the company public. Doing this would be an amazing feat for the growing firm as it will give them access to more capital than ever before. This could provide the company with billions of dollars needed to lend to more borrowers than ever before. It could also help the company receive a reduced cost of capital, which could then help them offer lower rates to customers.



Jed McCaleb on Technology and the Future of Blockchain Payments

This world is transitioning at a relatively faster rate and we are barely aware of it. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have cemented their positions as major industrial disrupters especially in finance. For that reason, Jed McCaleb , one of the world’s best programmers and founder of some of the most competent virtual assets believes that understanding this change is incredibly important. As a long time developer of different cryprocurrency programs, Jed McCaleb is of the idea that the cruptocurrency and blockchain platforms will change payments and stock markets.


Background Data

McCaleb is prominent for being a major stakeholder in various crypto organizations and up to date, he has worked with various experts with the aim of achieving one major goal; make life easier for online virtual traders. As the chief technology officer of one Stellar Organization that is focused of the development of cryptocurrency networks made for the payment of cross-border trades, McCaleb’s input in the world of cryptocurrencies cannot be ignored. Recently, he was interviewed by CNBC.com and he categorically stated that the future of blockchain technology rests in the hands of experts and what is more, there is a bright future given the rush with which most investors are interested in the business.

The Future of Blockchains

McCaleb goes on to explain that the future if blockchain rests in universal payments that will often be operated by people. That is why he concludes that a public ledger will suffice in this scenario. Luckily, Stellar, one of Jed’s foundations is working to solve the very same payment issues. Subsequently, the network claims a lesser amount of transaction settlement fee by allowing traders to exchange government currencies like the U.S. dollar as well as the Euro.


The Overview

In addition, McCaleb said that token sales indicate how much the market is not tapped by the financial markets at the moment as the initial coin offerings have currently raised approximately $9 billion in four years.


More on Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb is a household name in the programming world. The tech guru owns several inventions including eDonkey and Mt. Gox. Also the owner of Stellar, McCaleb is a revered technologist and futurist whose input in the world of cryptoccurencies is revered. He believes that the future of blockchains and cryptoccurrencies are intertwined.

Stansberry Research Discusses Berkshire Hathaway’s Investment Decisions

Privately owned American research company Stansberry research is headquartered in Baltimore Maryland. Stansberry Research is part of the Angora group and was founded in 1999. In addition to the Baltimore Maryland corporate HQ office, Stansberry also has offices in California, Florida and Oregon. Stansberry provides a monthly newsletter that contains detailed investing analysis for their dedicated subscribers and readers. Stansberry is a subscription based investment information newsletter that has subscribers in over 120 countries worldwide. They currently have hundreds of thousands of paid online subscribers.

On March 9, 2018 Stansberry Research published an article about the hidden problems at Berkshire Hathaway. In this article Stansberry goes over topics that have not been publically spoken about and they admit some of their avid readers may even dismiss that particular article. Stansberry Research suggests that Warren Buffet step down as the acting CEO of Berkshire Hathaway because he is covering up many bad investment decisions. Berkshire Hathaway still has a large amount of strong investment holds and remains an insurance industry leader but this insurance powerhouse is also making less than desirable investments(Thenewsversion).

Warren Buffet began searching out companies to invest in after he established a large amount of float equity in Berkshire Hathaway. When he began his search he was looking for entire companies that did not require very much capital to grow. These companies did not need to provide large profits right away. He wanted companies that would maintain a steady growth rate and eventually pull in profits. The companies that Buffet sought out were smaller businesses that had a good presence within the United States. By 2013 Warren Buffet completely changed his strategy of acquisition. He began seeking out larger companies that were based outside of the United States and required a large up-front investment. For the first time since Warren Buffets investment career began, a strategy he utilized did not beat the S&P 500. These investments resulted in a compounded decrease in Berkshire Hathaway’s ability to compound wealth.

Stansberry Research goes into detail in each investment newsletter that they publish. These details help dedicated readers to make educated and well informed investing tips.


Agora Financial Enabling People to Make Sound Investment Decisions

There are many financial advisory companies out there that the customers take help from when looking to invest their money. It is a very crucial decision to put your money in the right place when it comes to investment as a wrong choice can lead to massive loss as well, considering the volatility of the financial markets. Agora Financial is one of the leading private publishing companies in the world that offers finance and investment research-based advice and commentary to its readers.

The company spends over a million dollars each year just to pay for the travel expenses of its reporters, who travel around the world in different industries to know where the market is headed and which industry would be booming shortly. Agora Financial does not accept from any other companies to provide biased reports to the readers, and it is what makes Agora one of the trusted names in the finance world. The company has over a million readers currently, and it is poised to grow substantially in the years to come. In the last few years, Agora Financial has successfully predicted many financial events that did occur and helped its reader make significant returns from their investments.

Investments are necessary to secure the financial well-being of the person. Without sound investments, it is impossible to achieve the long-term wealth creation goals. Agora Financial would help the people make the right investment decisions about their finances and ensure they have a secured financial future. The best part is that the economic reports and market analysis published by Agora Financial are easy to understand for even the novice can interpret it as there are no hardcore technical terms mentioned in the report. Agora Financial means to educate people about making the sound investment choices so that people can lead a life free from financial worries.

How Madison Street Capital Has Been Able to Build the Reputation it Enjoys Today

Money has always been a major player in any economy all over the world. Madison Street Capital is not only offering money to its clients but a lot more. Since its establishment, the Chicago firm has been a key figure in most businesses, helping them gain ready access to credit, successful go through complicated business transactions, and also aid in company valuations and mergers. The reputation that Madison Street Capital enjoys in the market did not come over night; it has taken investment in both time and resources. The following are some of the factors that have helped strongly distinguish the firm from the other financial services providers.


Credit services

One of the successes of Madison Street Capital when it comes to credit services was manifested in 2014. Vital Care Industries, an Illinois medical manufacturing company, approached the financial firm for financial services. Upon evaluation of the company’s operations, MSC helped Vital Care select the most suitable lender and commercial loan.


Founder recognition

The award by MSC co-founder Anthony Marsala is another boost when it comes to the reputation of the company. Anthony was selected by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts for an award for his contribution to the mergers and valuation functions of the firm. Marsala, who currently serves as the COO of the firm, has over 14 years’ experience and a master’s degree which have helped him become very competitive in the industry.


Philanthropic endeavors

In addition to being financial experts, Madison Street Capital is also known for the contributions it is making in the community. The company embraces a philantropic culture and has been at the forefront of humanitarian activities. For instance, in 2011, MSC donated funds to help the victims that had been affected by the severe weather that damaged the Midwestern and Eastern parts of the United States (https://www.linkedin.com/company/madison-street-capital-llc). This is not all. The company is also known to fund charitable organization such as Red Cross and the United Way. It has also set up a platform on its website that encourages visitors on their webpage to give their contributions to the community.


About Madison Street Capital

MSC is arguably one of the biggest middle market investment and financing firms we have in the world today. The firm specializes in providing mergers & acquisitions (M&A) advisory services and corporate finances. Currently, the firm has its headquarters in Illinois, Chicago, with subsidiaries offices in Africa, North America, and Asia. The company sets itself apart from others in the industry by employing highly trained individuals who act as the pillar of their success. Learn more: http://madisonstreetcapital.org/


Career and Professional Life of Jim Tananbaum

Jim Tananbaum is a very dedicated person in the private equity sector. He specializes in identifying particular issues that emerge in the healthcare industry. Private equity firms get their profit from supplying capital, information, and network to the clients. He is the founder and also the CEO of Foresite Capital. He has other leading companies such as GelTex Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare practices.

Jim Tananbaum answered a couple of questions about the Foresite capital during an interview with Ideamench. Jim Tananbaum talked about his company. He said that he has been a dedicated entrepreneur for more than twenty-five years. He added that it took a lot of effort to start the enterprise. He laid out important factors that led to the successful innovation. The factors include patience and hardworking. He also pointed out that the health sector requires an enormous amount of the capital and time. It also requires information and network in order to reach the target clients. For more details visit LinkedIn.

Jim Tananbaum also said that he spends most of the day receiving calls and meeting other members of his team. What excites Jim Tananbaum according to the interview is the innovation of science to address the needs of the customers in the healthcare industry. Jim studied Electrical Engineering, Maths and Computer Science at Yale. Jim was passionate about computer science and the healthcare sector since he was in high school. He has worked with many academicians in his life. This has helped him to build his career. Jim is still passionate about innovating many insights in the healthcare sector. He intends to use the skills in computer engineering to achieve this.

Jim Tananbaum has been mentioned among the leading investors across the world by Forbes. He has also developed good working relationship with his team that has contributed a lot to the success of his companies. Jim has achieved very many goals. He has an MBA and an MD from Harvard University. The main thing that has enabled Jim to achieve most of the activities is that he makes friends who support him in whatever he does. Visit the website: officialjimtananbaum.com.

See more: http://www.fiercebiotech.com/venture-capital/foresite-capital-reloads-a-450m-biotech-venture-fund

Keith Mann: Transforming the World through Entrepreneurial Leadership and Charity Work

Keith Mann is a leading executive search expert, entrepreneur, activist, and philanthropist. His experience in the arena of executive search extends for over 15 years. He has established a great niche in the industry as a specialist in hiring strategy, development of staffing solutions, and hedge fund compensation. While working at Dynamics Executive Search as the managing director, Keith Mann offered staffing solutions to financial services companies across the world.

Mann has succeeded in executive search sector due to his exceptional research skills and desire to identify new investment opportunities. His research work enabled him to realize that hedge fund sector was a fast-rising market but the search community underserved it. Therefore, he introduced Alternative Investment Practice in 2002. After four years, he expanded the operations of the practice into the lucrative private equity sector. In 2009, Mann officially started Dynamics Search Partners (DSP) as a key provider executive search services to alternative investment companies.

Roles and accomplishments of Keith Mann as CEO of DSP

Keith Mann manages the daily strategic growth plans and operational initiatives. He helps his clients in strengthening their existing teams by recruiting marketing and in-house strategy specialists and establishing new platforms on their behalf. Under Mann’s supervision, DSP continues to serve firms in the alternative investment sector in Europe, Asia, and the U.S. It meets the staffing needs of at least 200 companies each year.

Charitable initiatives

Keith Mann’s interest in philanthropy lies in education, peace, and animal causes. He has introduced DSP into charity work by establishing a corporate charity wing. On March 3, 2015, Mann and DSP invited various key players of the financial services sector at the Standard Hotel Beer Garden for a fundraising event. The participants contributed over $22,000 to fund initiatives of the Uncommon Schools. The organization aims at providing opportunities for high school graduates to attend college. DSM began supporting initiatives of Uncommon Schools located in New York in 2013. DSM and Uncommon Schools are always looking for ways for developing a reliable and meaningful platform that DSM can leverage to help students to acquire technical and practical expertise.

Exploring the Career and Projects of Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a prominent figure, especially in the executive search industry. In fact, his experience in the industry spans more than 15 years. Some of his key areas of specialization include hiring strategy, staffing and hedge fund compensation.

Working Experience

Before establishing the Dynamic Search Partners, where currently he serves as the CEO, Keith was the managing director of Dynamics Executive Search. During his tenure, he was in charge of recruiting for various international financial service companies. While still working at Dynamics Executive Search, Keith created the Alternative Investment Practice back in 2002. This idea sprang after recognizing the hedge fund market or industry as a fast growing industry that was inadequately served by the search community.

In 2006, Mann spearheaded the expansion of the Alternative Investment Practice into the private equity market. After three years, he went ahead to launch the Dynamics Search Partners, as a leading executive search company that is devoted solely to serving alternative investment firms. Since 2009, Mann has been overseeing the daily management of the company by helping his customers hire the best marketing, internal strategy and investment experts to join their existing teams.

Mann’s Role at the Dynamic Search Partners

As such, DSP boasts of a 10-year’s record of accomplishments in paring its clients with top industry talent.

Projects Outside his Career

Apart from being involved in the day to day running of the Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann takes part in other activities such as helping the less privileged.  As a matter of fact, Keith together with his wife, Keely, unveiled a scholarship program in conjunction with the Uncommon Schools dubbed as the Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement.

The scholarship, which was launched early last year, is aimed at recognizing the upcoming generation of brilliant business leaders. Each year a graduating senior from one of the Uncommon Schools’ high schools will be awarded the scholarship, which comes with a cash reward of $5,000 to help the winner pay for college tuition.