Todd Lubar is a Great Man As Well As a Professional

According to Hackronym, Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and businessman. The President at TDL Global Ventures, LLC and Sr. VP to Legendary Investments has worked in the real estate industry for more than two decades.

Lubar began his career in real estate in the mid 1990’s. When he was young man he realized he had a strong desire to help others and new at that time he would choose real estate to be his career until his demise.

Lubar loves to fulfill peoples dream of becoming a homeowner and constantly find solutions that will help clients hurdle obstacles that commonly keep people from receiving much needed loans needed to see their dream come true.

At the start of his real estate career he landed a job with Crestar Mortgage Corporation as a loan originator. He credits much of his in conservative mortgage banking to his time spent working for the corporation. He learned a large amount of invaluable tricks of the trade also.

Recognizing there was a niche in the market for serving underserved clients he founded Legendary Properties affiliate Legendary Financial LLC. Lubar uses the financial company as a commercial lending source for both individuals and companies.

Lubar has dabbled in several industries besides real estate throughout his career. No matter which industry he decides to make a foray into the main goal is always to serve the community best he can as that is his true passion.

Toddd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in speech communication.

His only advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is never quit. He believes where there’s a will there’s a way and no dream come to fruition without the will to make it a reality.

Lubar strives to become a better person every day. Making it a goal to positively impact anyone he comes into contact with. He currently lives in Bethesda, Maryland and enjoys spending time with his two children.

Todd Lubar is a great man as well as a professional.

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