The helpful benefits of drinking Waiakea alkaline water

The key to living a long and healthy life is by paying close attention to our bodies. Human body communicates in many ways. For instance, when waste accumulates in the body it will manifest in various ways such as tiredness, acne and various other health conditions. If these symptoms go unchecked, it can result in severe health problems. Experts argue that increased levels of acidity and waste products in the body result to the majority of the illnesses. Increased levels of acidity, also known as acidosis create a favorable environment for disease-causing micro-organisms to thrive.

Maintaining the balance

Fortunately, the Mother Nature has an answer to almost every problem. Some foods such as fresh green vegetables and certain fruits can help the body to maintain an appropriate pH balance. These foods are naturally alkaline and they enable the body to manufacture buffers that neutralize excess acidity in the body.

Besides vegetables, drinking alkaline water such as Waiakea water can help the body in maintaining an appropriate pH balance. Alkaline water contains various minerals such as magnesium, calcium, zinc, manganese, and potassium. These minerals are alkaline in nature and they help the water to attain an alkaline pH of around 8.8.

The source of alkaline water

Unlike the typical bottled water, alkaline water such as the Waiakea water is tapped from a natural source. Waiakea is tapped from the Hawaiian falls of Mauna Loa volcano, one of the world’s most active volcanoes. The area around this volcano receives heavy rainfall throughout the year, thus keeping the aquifers fresh throughout the year.

Volcanic water is endowed with essential minerals

Most of the volcanic mountains around the world are endowed with numerous minerals. Some of these minerals such as the silica, magnesium, zinc, and sodium play an important role in our bodies. As water flows over the rocks, it carries along these natural minerals, so there is no need of fortifying the water with minerals. The carbonates found in the volcanic rocks make the water soft and adds a unique taste to the volcanic alkaline water.

The overview

Waiakea natural alkaline water gives the individual more than enough reasons to take the recommended eight glasses of water per day. The Hawaiian volcanic water helps to alleviate symptoms of acid reflux. The minerals contained in the water also help in detoxifying the body and maintaining an appropriate pH balance in the body.