Jorge Moll Calls for Innovation and the Application of Technology to Improve Healthcare

Jorge Moll is a household name in Brazil’s healthcare sector. The prominent cardiologist doubles as an entrepreneur and business professional who owns Brazil’s largest group of hospitals, D’Or Hospital Network. Serving as the president of the hospitals, Jorge Moll has tremendously contributed to transforming patient care through innovation. That is why at a workshop held in Brazil, to address healthcare issues, Jorge Moll offered insightful ideas on how entrepreneurship can feature into health management. In his address, Mr. Jorge Moll highlighted the current trends he has seen in the healthcare sector in international and national levels.


Background Information

Another vital aspect he addressed is how to come up with trends that minimize wastage by providing healthcare at a lower cost. To facilitate this, Moll said that he has come up with a model titled Total Health Management Model. This model intends to assist healthcare practitioners to not only understand the required treatment for patients but also make hospital pathways for technical support and assured quality. Besides, the model will handle patients from the time they are admitted to the hospital to the time they are discharged.


Technology in Healthcare

Jorge Moll is enthusiastic about incorporating technology in delivering healthcare services. According to him, not only is technology useful in increasing doctor-patient interaction but also it is essential in allowing doctors to reach patient’s files on time. Of course, this helps in that a better medical evaluation can be carried out. Besides, it promotes safety when treating patients.


Volunteering and Well-being

As the head cheerleader of D’Or Institute for Research as well as Education, Mr. Jorge Moll oversees research conducted in the institute. With his associates in the medical fraternity, he has been a huge volunteer of activities that promote health. According to Jorge Moll, voluntary work is a healthy activity that activates the brain by giving volunteers the feeling of belonging to the society. The same voluntary work contributes to the prevention of heart problems as well as diseases. Therefore, Jorge Moll is a huge contributor to charity work, and he believes that everyone should make a point of participating in philanthropy.