James Dondero

Highland Capital Management, dating back to 1993, is the major project and company of President James Dondero, an enterprise which has peaked up to 2 billion dollars. Prior to founding Highland Capital Management, James was an analyst on JP Morgan and owns positions in a number of high level firms such as Jernigan Capital, Protective Life, Jernigan Capital, NexBank Capital, NexPoint Residential Trust, and a number of other high level investment firms around the country. James qualifications has earned him the right to use the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

With over 30 years of experience with high level trading and stock market management, James Dondero is a divergent, expert, and highly qualified entrepreneur. James Dondero manages approx. 18-20 billion dollars worth of assets across multiple fields. James is highly active as an entrepreneur, philanthropist, activist, and spokesperson in the Dallas, Texas area. Visit his website at jamesdondero.com.

As a hedge fund manager, James brings his expertise to the panel of many different institutions, contributing financially to the local area on a number of institutions and projects. He received a BS in commerce from the University of Virginia in the 1980’s, and, since then, has worked prolifically, beginning as a GIC subsidiary Chief Investment Officer at Protective Life from 1989 to the present. Visit Nexbank.com to know more about James.

With a career that’s spanned four decades, James Dondero has built an enterprise that’s been lucrative financially, as well as engaging towards the world around him. James is a well-respected accolade and important person in Dallas, Texas, and his achievements are a testament to his commitment and passion to people and improving the world around him.

Visit: https://www.highlandfunds.com/james-dondero/

Felipe Montoro Discusses U.S. Taxes from a Brazilian’s Perspective

What Does That “Glorious” Federal Income Tax Truly Cover? Let’s Have a Look!

Where Do Our Tax Dollars Go? A Primer List


  1. Straight to Our National Defense

Our nation has needed the funds to continue the war in Iraq and Afghanistan for several years now, no thanks to “9/11”. While this may come as no surprise to Americans, one may still note — with a dropped jaw and a stunned gaze of amazement no less – just how much of our federal income taxes have gone into this cause. If you don’t believe me, have a look for yourself by doing your own research.


  1. To Invest In “Greater Healthcare”

It’s no secret that Obamacare was no less than one of the U.S.’s biggest national disasters — one even more potentially destructive than the recent Hurricane Irma — it still bears noting that nearly half of our federal income tax cuts go straight here. That is, of course, if we allow them to. We can always opt out: It all depends on the coverage we’re willing to settle for, and that is an entirely different story.



  1. For Bettering Our Education Programs – Not a Bad Initiative, Indeed

This one is easy for even a fifth-grader to grasp: The nation that invests in its future generations is the one that will see the best talents of such generations in the global workforce. Thus, funding new initiatives — along with their continually trending statistics and findings — is no mere option; it is our responsibility as Americans. We must help our children and youth to see a better future, and that begins right now.



  1. Into Food Stamps – What’s This?

“Spreading the wealth” has always played its role, however subtle. This may change. We’ll see.


U.S. 1040 Form and Booklet