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Fabletics has grown to become known for being the go-to for your active wear. They offers a VIP service to their members and you will find that you can even get personalized service when you fill out the lifestyle Quiz when you join. Fabletics has manages to compete with Amazon which controls about 20% of the fashion market online and they are now worth $250 million dollars.


Fabletics did not spring up overnight but they decided to grow slowly and steadily. Fabletics got to know their client base and they expand by about 35% every year which is a good progressive expansion for a company. They avoided the more common pop up approach for most new companies and because of their slower expansion they have gotten to better know their customers. About 30-50% of their customers tat shop their stores are already members with another 25% becoming members in-store.


When new members sign up to become members of the Fabletics VIP club they are strongly encouraged to fill out the Lifestyle Quiz. This quiz not only helps to give them a more customized shopping experience, but it also helps Fabletics keep in touch with what their customers really want in their active wear.


Kate Hudson is the founder of Fabletics and keeps a close watch on the sales every week and also what is and is not selling. Then she adjusts her collections accordingly in order to keep her customers happy and to keep items in stock that will sell.


Hudson has recently expanded her clothing lines to include sizes from XXS to 3X so that pretty much anyone will be encouraged to live e more active lifestyle-a goal of Hudson’s. Hudson feels that if you have a cute outfit to look forward to wearing, it will get you motivated to get moving and to become more healthy.


Hudson wanted to start a company that would not only offer a personalized service to her customers but would also offer trendy active wear at a reasonable price. This has proven to be a very successful approach and her company has gained popularity quite quickly. So far Fabletics has attracted 1.2 million members every month and even has 21 million followers on Twitter. Fabletics has 18 retail stores and only continuing to grow in popularity.


Hudson’s approach to growing her company has proven to be very successful and she stays involved by monitoring what is happening with sales and what is popular so she can stay on top pf the trends. There is no special formula to follow when it comes to what will sell, but gathering information on sales and form the Lifestyle Quizzes can really help to narrow down what is more likely to become popular.


Hudson believes in the importance of staying true to your dreams and to yourself and taking risks. Yo will become fearless an will be able to conquer anything if you stay true to yourself and keep trying to live the life that you want.

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Understanding Their Customers Has Set Fabletics On A Path Of Success

Fabletics as a brand has been making quite a stir in the world of fashion. An activewear and loungewear brand, Fabletics has distinguished itself in the world of sports attire and has managed to stand among the biggest names in fashion. The brainchild of Kate Hudson, a person who knows style and fitness like no other, the brand embodies everything that Kate is to give women all over the best gym wear they could ask for. Becoming a prominent member of the fashion world is no easy task, especially with the numerous amount of brands that launch themselves everyday. Moreover, one company usurps all the power and market share in the fashion industry – Amazon. People would think that big and well-known brands would hold this top position, but the fact is, online sales portals are now becoming the go-to site where people buy their clothes. With the growing accessibility of the internet, shopping online has now become the new fad, and people are taking it in more than ever. Shopping online is convenient and time-saving and can be of great help for individuals who lead an extremely busy lifestyle. Fabletics as a brand understands its customer base extremely well and has implemented all that is known about online market retailing and made their business model a reliable one.


When Fabletics were curated, it was decided that the company would sell itself as an online retail store. Then again, since almost any brand can open up a marketplace online, the need for Fabletics to distinguish themselves from the rest was now needed more than ever. Fabletics knew that their customer wanted clothing that was comfortable and incredibly stylish. They knew their customers lead a fast paced, active lifestyle with very little time to go shopping. Keeping all of this in mind, Fabletics decided to launch themselves with a membership program which their customers have to register for. According to the plan. Fabletics’ customers receive a package of sportswear or leisure wear, depending on their choice and preferences, every month. This means that their clients receive the latest trends, delivered every month to their doorstep by a simple one-time process of signing up. By implementing these strategies, Fabletics’ was not only able to keep their customers coming back for more, but also managed to form strong ties with their clients, thus, in turn, helping them understand the customers even better.


Fabletics believes in offering their customers clothing that is personalized to their needs, and what will fit their lifestyle the best. When a customer enters and registers the site for the very first time, they are asked to fill out a few parameters which can them show them more personalized and filtered clothing results to make the process of selection even better. Also, the brand also has physical stores so that people can try on the clothes they see online and to aid them in making their purchases.Through their excellent customer service and their ability to listen and recognize their customer’s needs has made Fabletics a household name.

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Fabletics: The Innovator of Activewear

Fabletics is expanding even more in the e-commerce world. They are now going to Amazon to bring in even more profits and more stores throughout the US. With Amazon controlling 20% of the fashion e-commerce world, they are destined to meet their expansion goals as they continue to take over the market.

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown, thus far, to a $250 million dollar business in three years. This brand is so successful due to many reasons. For one, Fabletics have aspirational clothing that pushes the consumer a little bit to reach that higher mark, and this brand includes convenience and membership that create a powerful combination. Not to mention, we are now in the ‘activewear’ movement which also encourages consumers to buy.

And furthermore, with utilizing the various reverse showroom techniques from their e-commerce store and now Amazon, their booming success will allow them to maintain their thriving brick and mortar stores along with adding more stores that are set to be in areas across the US. As a matter of fact, Fabletics liken themselves to Warby Parker and Apple in which their positioning and strategy are paying off due to the opening of more stores and their fashion membership. This will add to their current sixteen brick and mortar stores located in places, such as Illinois, Florida, Hawaii, and California.

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Many may wonder what is the secret behind Fabletics’ success. And according to their General Manager, Greg Throgmartin, Fabletics believed they are building a reimagined and modern version of a high value brand since day one. He further stated that their membership model allows them to provide personalized service and on-trending fashion for half the competitors’ prices. He also stated that it’s much simpler to make consumers happy when knowing who they are and what they desire.

About Fabletics

The co-CEOs of JustFab, Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, and the iconic actress turned business mogul, Kate Hudson, launched Fabletics in October 2013. These visionary leaders saw a great need in the market for activewear. They observed how there are luxury brands, but they are not made of high quality that is stylish at great prices. And as result, they have gained millions of subscription memberships from people around the world as they spread throughout the US, Europe, and other locations. And they currently have 16 stores located throughout the US. And lastly, Kate Hudson features new brands each month as she displays her favorites.

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