Rocketship Education: A Step Towards Equality and Quality in Education

Can equality and quality in education be realized in America? There are many schools in America, but not many of the schools have tried to standardize quality. The Rocketship Education is a charter school mainly based in California that has purposed to use innovative methods to increase the public-school experience and retain quality. The pioneer Rocketship school opened in 2007 in California; the school immediately gained prominence because of the learning approach and excellent results.

The network of 18 schools serves the Bay Area, Washington DC, Nashville, and Milwaukee. Each of the Rocketship Schools serves about 350 to 600 students. The school’s branches in California are among the top performing schools in the state that accommodate students from low-income families.

Team spirit has been the primary driver of the school’s success to date. Rocketship partners with the students and parents to enhance the learning experience. Rocketship school parents volunteer about 30 hours each school year. The school encourages parents to visit and engage as much as possible and give feedback. Rocketship uses parent inclusion as a means of creating awareness among the parents on the quality of education in the country. Once the parents see the quality offered at Rocketship School, they use it as a benchmark on the type of education they want their children to receive after graduating from the school in fifth grade.

Parents also participate in various activities including recruitment of teachers, decision-making on major projects and developments in the curriculum. When the school began construction in Southeast Washington, parents were allowed to visit the building site and inspect the property to see if the construction meets their standards. Better still, prospective parents are also allowed to visit the site.

Rocketship parents are involved in the hiring process of teachers. A representative sample participates in the interviews and screen each candidate to ensure only the most skilled and suitable gets the job. Once hired, the teachers have to undergo training throughout the time at Rocketship School. The involvement of guardians in the hiring process assists in creating a rapport with teachers. Also, the Rocketship schools plan home visits once in a while and call on the parents to attend certain events during the year.

Equity and quality in education are possible through collaboration, innovative practices, advocacy, inclusiveness, and hope. Rocketship Education has started a movement that may change the perspectives on public schools over the next couple of years.