Mikhail Blagosklonny – The Face of Research on Oncology and Aging

Human beings have always fantasized about being immortal. Decades ago, the idea that people could deter aging seemed absurd—in fact, many scientists termed it as science fiction. That dream, however, is getting closer and closer to reality thanks in part to research by scientists such as Mikhail Blagosklonny.

Who Is Mikhail Blagosklonny?

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a professor of oncology based at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. He is also a renowned scientist who has been pioneering research into the eradication of cancer, aging, and age-related diseases. He has published over 250 papers on his research on diverse online scientific journals including Oncotarget.Mikhail Blagosklonny attended the Pavlov State Medical University of St. Petersburg where he earned his M.D. in Internal Medicine as well as a Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine. Since graduating, Blagosklonny has taught in several institutions, but he has since settled on his position as a senior scientist at Roswell Park Cancer Institute primarily because of its advanced research facilities.

Mikhail Blagosklonny’s Contribution to Research on Aging

Mikhail Blagosklonny has focused his research on Target of Rapamycin (TOR). The TOR-centric model is based on the knowledge that rapamycin is effective in treating a wide range of ordinary and chronic diseases as well as deterring aging. Scientists have greater confidence in the TOR-centric model today than they did in the past primarily because research has advanced rapidly in the past five years.In particular, Evirolimus (a form of rapamycin analog) has been proven to significantly improve immunity in aging humans. In fact, it is the foundation of the controversial “fountain of youth” drug that is projected to delay the effects of aging and improve the general health and well-being of the elderly. Some people are still skeptical about the success of this drug, but those who are confident in it expect it to be revolutionary.

Few Side-Effects

Amazingly, rapamycin has been proven to have minimal side-effects in spite of its efficacy. Usually, major breakthroughs such as this come at a great cost as remedies often come with scary side-effects. However, Mikhail Blagosklonny and fellow researchers have proven that rapamycin has little side-effects even when used on a daily basis.This has made research much easier as more people are willing to volunteer—in fact, even healthy people have volunteered for tests. This is one of the reasons why research has advanced so rapidly over the past decade, and it is expected to advance at an even greater rate in the near future.

Is Immortality Really Feasible

Aging is not entirely to blame for death—in fact, more people die from other causes other than aging. Some of the leading causes of death include diseases and accidents. As such, immortality is not feasible even with the current breakthroughs.However, people can expect to live longer and healthier lives thanks to the TOR-centric model. After all, scientists argue that the human race would be unsustainable without death. That, however, has not been a deterrent as researchers are stepping up their efforts in this field and related fields such as oncology.

Greg Secker Does An Online Interview With Ideamensch

Greg Secker was asked how he brings his ideas to fruition. Mr. Secker’s response was that he first thinks about something that he wants to achieve or complete at work. Then he comes up with a plan that will help him work towards achieving those goals. After he has a plan in place, Greg Secker says he shares his idea with colleagues, friends and family. When you get other people involved and excited about your idea, they can then help you out with the process or even point out something your may have missed. Greg Secker also says that being enthusiastic helps greatly whenever you are trying to sell a new idea or get support for it.

Mr. Secker specifically discussed a tactic that he uses to help him achieve his goals in the more broader process above. To help him determine what steps he needs to take in order to achieve his goals, Secker uses a technique that he calls pre-planning. This is when a person first imagines that his goals are already completed. Then he imagines the steps that were taken in his mind that let him achieve those goals or wishes. After this, Greg Secker says you review those steps that you imagined and rate their feasibility. You tinker with those steps and make them realistic. Once you are satisfied with those steps, you can begin actually implementing them in real life.

Ideamensch asked Greg Secker what is a book he suggest other people go ahead and read. Mr. Secker suggests reading the book called Tools Of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers. This is a book that contains a compilation of interviews that Tim Ferris had with prominent businessmen, showmen, athletes and celebrities. Greg Secker says it is written in an unconventional format and has lots of wisdom contained within it. It also contains a lot insights says Secker. He considers it a must read and strongly suggests everybody pick it up if they can.

Next, Greg Secker was asked about a figure that has deeply affected him. His answer was Gary Vaynerchuk. He says that Gary Vaynerchuk made him realize the great potential of human capital and how it can be used to market products and services to other companies as well as directly to the consumer.


Ressler Co-Founder of Just Fab and CEO of Fabletics

TechStyle Fashion Group is a group of companies that was founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The profitable pair met at Intermix years ago, and left to make their own path. They first met at when Goldenberg was COO at Intermix and Ressler was there after fitnessheaven.com was acquired. In 2005, they left to start their own business venture after Intermix was acquired by News Corp.

Intelligent Beauty was the first venture which eventually transformed into Just Fab. Ressler, with his experience, teamed up with Goldenberg, who was a natural businessman. Goldenberg started his first company at 17. From there, they built JustFab, an online subscription membership program for fashionably trend consumers. Brands were built within the company. Don Ressler, CEO of Fabletics, has built a brand with Kate Hudson that is sure to grow. The fitness apparel industry will grow 50% to more than 100 billion by 2020. With those projections, it is easy to see why it is such a popular fashion line.

Kate Hudson, an athelete and celebrity, launched the line of active wear with Don Ressler in 2013. Fabletics actually makes up 30% of JustFab’s sales on LinkedIn, which is a huge portion of the large fashion company. Ressler attributes his experience with fitnessheaven.com and his passion for fitness as to why he is so successful with Fabletics. He wanted a brand that was inexpensive but looked good. They set out to make athletic clothes that were fashionable yet affordable onTechStyle.com. Fabletics now includes a selection for children and men.

Fabletics has been so successful that they have expanded to stores in addition to their online offerings at http://brandettes.com/interviews/don-ressler-of-fabletics/. He and the team felt like it was the next step in the growth process for the e-commerce company. The stores will allow them to connect in a way they couldn’t with e-commerce. Fabletics has become a popular brand under Just Fab, which is why the company is growing. Through brand building, Just Fab has transformed into Tech Style Fashion Group on huffingtonpost.com. From their first meeting to their new venture, Tech Style Fashion Group, Ressler and Goldberg have found success in each other.

John Goullet’s Success Story as an IT Staffing Specialist

Excelling in a career like IT staffing requires dedication and diligence. These professional qualities enabled John Goullet to be prosperous in his career during his first IT consultancy job. As a consultant, he learned that clients’ needs require timely approaches and solutions. Since 1994, Goullet has been active in developing IT staffing solutions.


A career in IT staffing also requires competency. Goullet succeeded in this career because of his computer science degree as well as his 20 years of experience in IT staffing solutions. As he attended the Ursinus College for his undergraduate degree, he was keen on emerging IT technologies. The basic entrepreneurship skills that he obtained from the institution enabled him to create Info Technologies.

Info Technologies

One of Goullet’s best creations was Info Technologies. He founded the company while taking into account the unpredictability of IT staffing demands. He was also targeting the top 500 businesses in the US ranked by Forbes Magazine. Info Technologies currently offers a broad range of IT solutions to these companies. The company defied all odds by raising a total of $30 million within five years after its launch. Leading print media such as Inc. Magazine ranked the firm as a private company with rapid growth.

Diversant LLC

Goullet is a visionary leader who provided strategic planning insights to Info Technologies when he managed the company as CEO. One of the brilliant insights he gave was about how Info Technologies would perform if it merged with Diversant Inc. This advice proved to be brilliant after the two companies were merged and continued operating with a common business objective.

Diversant LLC also targets Fortune 500 customers just like Info Technologies. Goullet serves as the managing director of the company. Gene Wade, who is the brains behind Diversant Inc., assumed the position of CEO after the merger. Goullet is enthusiastic about professionalism on how companies are managed. He also cherishes teamwork since he believes success is as a result of combined efforts. Diversant was recently approved as a Minority-Owned business venture. At Diversant LLC, Goullet praises employees who are creative thinkers and who uphold ethical behavior.



Chris Burch: An Entrepreneur With Insight

There are people who just settle for a regular job. Then there are people who start companies and create jobs. Chris Burch is one of the latter. He is a serial entrepreneur and has a lot of experience with building businesses. He is also someone who looks at technology in order to predict the future as to where it is going. He writes on topics like technology and fashion. As a matter of fact, the way he describes the future of success is based on collaboration. If one is able to get a few things to collaborate, then he will be able to experience a lot of success.


One thing that makes Chris Burch very successful is his ability to find the sweet spot between innovation and implementation. One thing he has realized is that it is one thing to come up with some good ideas. It is another thing to actually successfully apply these ideas and make it work well. He is someone that has managed to apply these new ideas that he has thought up. This has resulted in a lot of success in his pursuits. One thing that Chris Burch has shown is that he is very creative when it comes to business.


This is yet another topic that Chris Burch is passionate about. He understands the need to combine creativity and productivity for there to be any real progress. There are people that come up with the best ideas and yet they do not take the time to apply these ideas. Then there are people who are all action. One of the best things that could happen is that the creative minds team up with the productive people so that real progress can be made. One thing that Chris Burch has seen that could help build a better future is collaboration.